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Three tips for making your hair photo ready

We all love those pictures on Instagram and Facebook that have all our friends jealous and liking them. These days having fun with your friends isn’t just what people love to see. It is seeing us looking fabulous whilst having fun that we all love. Full vibrant hair in the latest style automatically makes us look more glamorous and photogenic. Here are some tips for getting your hair luscious and photo ready.


Don’t wash the same day

Yes have a shower but if you wash your hair the same day as a night out it won’t be protected by your hair’s natural oils and become very dry. This makes styling 1000 times harder and your hair quality is awful the next day. No body needs that pain when you are already feeling under the weather from your night out. So if you want to look your glamest wash your hair the night before with sulphur free products that don’t dry out your hair. If you are finding your hair is getting dry in the cold you’re not alone so pop on a mask the brings out the pure vibrance of your locks.


Clip in extensions

We love Beyonce and looking at the perfect goddess like models in magazines but do you really think all that perfect, shiny hair is real? Nope! From fashion shoots to red carpets and a nice night out editors and celebrities are all using clip in extensions to help make their hair look at feel fuller. Yes a little teasing at the roots or add curls help but they also relax over the night and end up damaging your hair. Did you know that hair actually photographs smaller than it is in reality? So do what your idols do pop in so clip in extensions for fuller, show stopping hair. The beauty of clip ins is that you can get the perfect natural colour by using a colour match service or go wild and go for bolder streaks. The key to realistic looking extensions is to only use human hair extensions and blend them by brushing them or trimming them to fit your cut. If you have never used them before start with the larger sections near the nape of your neck and make sure your clips are covered. Instantly more voluminous and photogenic hair.


Goodbye fly aways hello healthy, shiny hair

There is a huge difference between oily and shiny, one indicates that you don’t wash (don’t be that person) but a little natural shine makes your hair look healthier and lovely. This won’t happen with a shampoo, this is all about a good serum so this is totally worth the investment. No one wants those horrible fly aways ruining your perfect picture or worse yet, your friends post it and you are ashamed. This comes from bristle, dry hair that breaks. So sort it out at the root and look after your hair when you are styling. To just deal with the fly aways right now, put some hairspray on a toothbrush and you will get that frizz under control.

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