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Three super cute weekend hairstyles

These do not need any introduction, they are just super cute hairstyles for your awesome weekend.




The fancy top knot

This is the perfect casual barbecue look. I love this style because it looks funky but is so effortless and is great with any length of hair and any hair type. Start by creating a centre parting. Take a 2-inch section of hair either side of the part and create a three-strand braid either side. Divide the rest of your hair in half and gather the top half with your braids. Twist all together and create a top knot. Tug to give it more volume and pin it in place.



The easy roll up

This look is an easy version of a classic style start by adding a few extension pieces just behind your ears (I used clip ins so I went with the 1 clip wide pieces). You can do this with straight hair but I find it looks better with curly hair.  When the weather is so dry it is super important not to forget to add some heat protecting serum to your hair before you start to curl. Once your locks are all curly and cooled down make sure your centre part is dead centre. Pull out some face-framing strands and gather a two-inch section of hair from your part and divide it into three. Create a basic dutch braid by moving the left section under the middle one then repeat with the right section. Add a few strands as you continue backwards. You should incorporate the extensions you added then pinch the rows of your braid so it has more volume then secure with a clear hair tie. Repeat on the other side of your part. The next step is to gather one inch sections right behind your braids and secure them at the back of your head. This will become the base for the rest of your hair to be looped around. Because the back is loose it is easy to wind sections of the hair still down at the back around a few times because you pin it into place. I separated the back section into about 5 parts to make it easier. Lay the braids on to of your loop, spritz with some hairspray and you are done.



The Charlotte

You know how Charlotte from Sex and the City always had the full gorgeous style. This is just that. You don’t want any kinks or knots in your hair for this one so make sure it thoroughly brushed.  I love this look with some shine so serum for me is a must. The parting in this is what makes it interesting. Separate all your hair behind your ears and tie it out of the way for a while. You are going to create a diagonal part with the rest of your hair from the right side of your crowns to just over your left eyebrow. Use a fishtail comb so this is straight. Pull the sections behind your head and tie them up. Let the rest of your hair down and tease it at the roots and add some hair extensions if you have thinner hair. Smooth over the top and you are done!

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