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Three hot styles to wear with hats

From races season down under to beanie weather in London let’s face it everyone needs hats right now. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or simply trying to keep warm hats are meant to be a fun accessory, not a hair ruiner. It is my firm belief that people who say they aren’t a hat person simple haven’t found the right hat or matched it with the right hairstyle. What I want to do today is show you some stunning hairstyles to match with your hats so you feel glamorous whatever the weather.

clip in hair extensions-styles-to-wear-with-hat-1

Small hat means bigger hair

That’s right if your hat is small like a beanie or a bowler hat you want to balance it with the fuller hat. This may sound counter-intuitive but this helps your hat stand out more turning it into more of an accessory and less of a fashion faux pas. Add a tiny bit of serum to your hair to give it some lovely shine and protect it before you grab your curler. Your hair is going to be covered near the roots so don’t worry about this part of your hair, we are going to be focusing on the hair below your ears. After you have created medium curls at the end of your hair don’t forget to add your alcohol-free hairspray so it holds.

clip in hair extensions-styles-to-wear-with-hat-cap-proof

Cap proof styles for a casual look

with so much going on right above your eyes it is best to keep your hair simple and easy to manage. I love messy buns and braids in combination with a cap. This is also brilliant if you are wearing the cap whilst you are actually working out. This hat was originally made to function so if you want to save yourself some wrinkles as you get toned this is the place to come. A casual style look does not mean that it has to be boring to make your double braids more enviable make them pancake braids and pop in your ombre clip in hair extensions before you start. It will look amazing and because this is a casual look, it will come across as effortless beauty.

clip in hair extensions-styles-to-wear-with-hat-brimmed-hat

Wide brimmed hats with simple hairstyles

This is definitely for those of your sunning yourselves in a warm country right now (lucky devils). This is a big statement with a big hat and you are probably going somewhere with a very smart dress code, like the races. I would suggest keeping your hair simple for two reasons. The first is that you have bought (or rented) a big expensive hat so let it be the centre of attention like it is meant to be. The second reason is far more practical the races are outside and with drinks and the wind your hair will probably need some touch ups, so keep it simple. If you have room underneath your hair a simple low chignon is perfect but if you don’t keep your hair long and sleek.

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