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Three hot hairstyles for XXL Long hair

Authored By Cliphair Extensions


Most of us love our hair extensions because they give us fuller longer hair. But we don’t always know different ideas that will look great with extra long hair. It is a new year and a new you so don’t let the year start off with lack lustre hair. Let’s check out some stunning looks to allow you to make the most of your long hair extensions and wow your friends too.


The scrunchy vibe




If you are in love with the 90’s vibe then get ready for this year’s 90’s hair look. This year is all about the scrunchy. Whether you like your accessories to colour coordinate with your outfit these babies definitely draw attention your looks and help support extra long hairstyles. With the extra material around your elastic scrunchies is perfect for putting a twist on an extra long ponytail. So start by brushing into a smooth high ponytail. Add your hair extensions around your ponytail, don’t worry your scrunchy will help add height and hide your extensions. If you want to bring the look into 2018 make sure that your ponytail is straight and sleek, serum is a must in this look.



Messy chic




Tight intricate braids are beautiful and we love them but if you want to wear something with an everyday look that will look great with an extra long look, go for an undone style. Second-day hair is brilliant for this so pop your extensions in before you get started. You want this look to have texture so lightly curl your locks and run your fingers through your hair before you start your braid. Sweep your hair over one shoulder and pin the strands near the nape of your neck so they don’t fall out of place.start your three-strand braid around ear-level, make sure it isn’t too tight. You can use either a ribbon or a clear hair tie to secure. Wrap strands around your hair tie (if you use the clear one) to conceal it.


Add curls




Adding curls is a brilliant way to pump up the drama on your extra long locks then pump up the volume. Without backcombing your hair to within an inch of your hair’s life curling is one of the only ways to give your hair that extra volume. A style that I love with extra curly hair is a half up, half down style. This is great if you want loose curls but I absolutely love it with corkscrew curls. If you have chopstick curlers, warm them up. If you don’t then you will need to plan this the evening in advance. Make sure your hair is wet get pipe cleaners and divide your hair into one-inch sections, place your pipe cleaner at the end of your strands and roll up towards your head and fold the pipe cleaners over so they are secured. Spray each section with hairspray and sleep whilst all your hair drys. Release your strands the next day to reveal your gorgeous locks and pop it into a half up look.



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