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Three graduation looks to finish the year strong

For a lot of people, it is coming to the end of the school year. Yay! Freedom! That means that now is the time to start making and capturing memories. Being fun with your friends and taking a million photos is a great way to solidify friendships and end your school year on a high. Whether you are done forever or just for a couple of months, these pictures will we be your reminiscence straight away. So you want to look your best. Today I am going to share three hairstyles that are so hot right now to rock your photos.


The femme faux

The faux hawk has been a style that is edgy and has been gaining massive popularity over the last few years. This is easy if you have short of mid hair but I want to show you a long hair, feminine version. You will need lots of hair for height so make sure that you have your hair extensions in. Separate sections from your hairline near your temples to behind your ears on both sides. Divide these sections into three and create dutch braid travelling backwards behind your ears. Gather the hair from your hairline to your crown and separate the top row. Vigorously tease the rest of your hair to create a faux hawk style and use lots of hairspray so that it holds. Smooth the top row back over to give your style a sleek look.


Triple braid ponytail

This look is incredibly stylish and perfect for the busy end of the year activities. Divide the midsection of your hair from your hairline to the crown. I love to add a bit of added texture and different styles to my hairstyles so I crimped this sections. Once this has cooled divide this section into three. You are going to create three boxer braids with these sections. They need to be tight until you get to your crown then you can stop adding strands and just braid to the end of your hair and secure with clear hair ties. Straighten the rest of your hair but make sure that you don’t make your roots too flat. Separate some sections just by your temples to frame your face the brush the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Lay your braids at the top your ponytail and, once you are happy with the braid placement to include the braids in a hair tie with the ponytail. You could stop there but to add a little bit more drama add a one or two clip extension piece to the back of your ponytail and wrap it around to add extra volume and hide the hair tie (making sure you secure it at the back obviously). You can add some texture spray to the ends of your ponytail if you like a little more body, just make sure it doesn’t dry out the ends of your hair too much.




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