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Three extra long styles to rival Kim’s Gala look

Extra long locks have been no stranger to either catwalks or red carpets over the last few years. We love having long locks because they are versatile and can make even an ordinary outfit look extraordinary. If you don’t have the length or thickness you want, don’t worry hair extensions are everybody’s untold secret. Today we are going to be looking at three awesome looks to rock extra long hair so keep reading these step-by-step tutorials.



The curled creation

As the name suggests you need to have curled locks for this look so if they aren’t already, make sure you curl them. Create a centre parting and form two braids, three strand braids either side (a total of four braids). Drape the two outer braids together and braid them together all the way to the end of your hair before you secure and tug on the sections for extra volume. Connect the other two braids over this one and repeat the process. Really pinch the sections down the bottom of the braids so they lay flat together and are fanned out. If there is any hair left at the ends tie a knot to conceal the hair tie.


The twisted up do

This look is great if you have or want extra long hair. So if you don’t have your hair extensions in, put them in. this style doesn’t require any hairpins or even a hair tie but you will need to brush your hair thoroughly so that it is tangle free and easy to handle. Once your hair is lovely and smooth twist top half of hair nice and tightly. This should be located where you would place a ponytail. Place your right hand under twist, palm up so you can grab the twist and loop it around your hand. Turn it by moving your hand so it is facing forward. Wrap the ends of your hair around the base so that no ends are showing. Fold loop over the bun shape you have just created by wrapping the ends. You are done.



The fringed braid

Sweep all of your hair over to the left, just above your ear. Separate strands either side of your eyes and divide the rest of your hair near your left ear into three. You are going to create a travelling dutch braid. To do so, fold each of the outside sections under the middle one adding strands of hair as you move over towards your right ear. Once you have reached your right ear and all of your hair is added continue your braid but leave approximate two inches of hair unbraided. Once you have secured your braid, position it around your head like a halo. Make you conceal the hair tie but that the ends are over your face. It looks so silly now but this will turn into your fringe move your braid back a little if the ends go too far over your eyes and if the ends are messy you may need to trim them a little. This is the focus of the look so make sure it looks fab by adding a little serum to your locks.



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