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The ultimate 90’s inspirations. The friends girls then and now



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Netflix has just released the friends series and boy has it caused talk. Those of us that were old enough to watch the original probably still love it but others that have only just seen it now are calling it offensive and old-fashioned. We cannot deny that they were huge 90’s idols and as the 90s is still a massive style influencer I thought it would be fun to check out the girls’ styles then and now.



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Jennifer Aniston

This lovely lady has had a Stella career since Friends ended staring in movies like The Break-Up and Horrible Bosses. The bob was huge last year and, although it didn’t resemble her early 90’s style, it is easy to so where we got the idea for the messy look from. despite rumours that Jennifer Aniston actual hated this look, I think the cut framed her amazingly, maybe reconsider getting strands that are mouth length, that could get gross. I forgot how brunette she was back then. Over the seasons we saw her get blonder and she has remained a honey blonde most of her adult life. The deep part is gone and she has an option for a centre parting or a shallow side part. A casually straight hairstyle is her signature look these days, if you want the queen of layered locks look no further.




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Courteney Cox

Actress, producer, director, this lady is a powerhouse of talent. After Friends Cougar Town was her most well known tv series. I must admit that I didn’t get her 90’s hairstyle with the kink at the end (it reminded me of the mum from the Brady Bunch) but she rocked it all the same. This year’s style I understand much more. She is opting for a cascading hairstyle these days. She has added depth and texture to her hair with the help of hair extensions. Lightly curl your hair to give it some body and spray your hair and extension with salt spray. Run your fingers through your curls to create loose textured waves. This gives it an easy glamorous style that is perfect for any occasion.


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Lisa Kudrow

Lisa is a long way from the hippy ‘smelly cat’ loving Phoebe Buffet. She is still blonde which looks great on her but her personal style has changed a lot. If you haven’t caught her on the latest series of Netflix show Grace and Frankie she is great, you should definitely check it out. She has done the opposite of her other Friends friends in terms of hairstyles. The others may have started with shorter styles in the 90s but our hippie lovable friend had amazing long curly hair. I have to say this hairstyle is still one of the big hair inspirations for this year. If you want to get it try using pipe cleaners to help you. Wet your hair and divide it into inch sections before you place your pipe cleaner at the end of your strands and roll up towards your head. Don’t forget to hold with hairspray and in the morning you will have great curls. Lisa has gone for a more sophisticated shoulder length style these days which makes her look every bit the boss babe she is. I love the shorter strands at the front framing her face.

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