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Steal her style Mandy Moore

The star of This is Us and Drunk History is looking better than ever. she made her celebrity debut in 1999 with some slightly cheesy pop music but she has come a long way since then she is an extremely successful voice, tv and film actress and has even had her own fashion line.  If you haven’t seen her all over interviews and magazines the last couple of years then keep your eyes peeled she is quickly becoming one of the hottest fashion trendsetters in Hollywood. Last year she wowed us all with a new look so let’s check out her new style so we can steal some ideas.


The casual style

I love Mandy’s look since she cut her hair, it suits her face shape so much more and makes her look effortlessly stylish.  In this picture, she has paired a stunning smart casual off the shoulder black dress (which I love) with an effortlessly stunning hairstyle. She is a big fan of curling her locks but this looks more textured and natural. This look is really easy you just need water, a hair doughnut and if you want it textured like Mandy’s texture spray and hairspray. Put your hair into a high ponytail and put the doughnut on. Mandy has lovely thick hair so you may want to put your hair extensions in to make sure you do too. To make your hair easier to shape split your ponytail in half and spritz it with a little water. Wind your hair sections around your doughnut in opposite directions and leave it to dry for a couple of hours. Once it has unwrapped your hair, spray it with texturising spray and run your fingers through your waves. Don’t forget to pin one side behind your ear and spray with some hairspray to finish.


The uptown updo

sporting a beautiful black gown in support of the time is up campaign Mandy looked every bit the movie star at the golden globe awards. Pulling back her typically curly locks she was looking very sophisticated with this centre parted chignon. This style looks amazing but is actually super easy to achieve. To create this style start by adding serum to your hair and brushing it back into a low ponytail. If you are planning on taking pictures and want it to look spectacular clip in your hair extensions around the hair tie. Tuck the end third of your ponytail in to form a loop bun. To conceal the base of your extensions, Wrap the ends of your hair around the top of your ponytail and pin any loose strands underneath.


Easy pull back

This is perfect for an everyday look or just chilling around the house. This was taken pre pilot for This is Us which is glamorous but if you are not on a movie set every day it is great for a date night. If you have lovely brown eyes like Mandy do what she does and add highlights.

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