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Get her look Brittany Snow

We all know Brittany has an incredible voice and cam act too from her Pitch Perfect films. She is currently rocking it in campaign arena as well, making waves with her Love is Louder anti-bullying organisation. As if being a successful singer and actress with a heart wasn’t enough she has incredible style and is stunning. Let’s check out some of her most famous looks so we can steal her style.


clip in hair extensions-brittany-snow-fashion shoot-fabulous


Fashion shoot fabulous

A little behind the scenes shot and Brittany looks hot! She has gone a little bit vintage with this style and it looks incredible. If you have blonde hair like Brit did here you will totally have a sophisticated Bridget Bardot vibe going on. If you want this voluminous look your hair extensions will be your best friend. This look is perfect for second-day hair as you should first help your roots get that oomph with some dry shampoo and brush it through so it looks awesome. For those of you that guessed there is backcombing involved in this style, you right make sure your crown area is well teased making sure they meet in the middle of your head. Divide your hair in two and create two low ponytails and secure with hair ties an inch from the bottom. Roll your ponytail inward towards the centre of your head. Hold the roll in place and pin it in place and repeat on the other side Spritz with hairspray to hold.



clip in hair extensions-brittany-snow-holiday-hair


Holiday hair

Brittany looked amazing at the Cannes festival and had a very holiday vibe. The last couple of years she has been rocking a red mane and it look incredible with her white and blue floral dress. When you have a stunning formal dress you have to make your hair a bit special too. Do what Brittany has done and opt for a dutch braided low bun. It works beautifully with a centre parting.


clip in hair extensions-brittany-snow-nyfw-pro


NYFW like a pro

NYFW or New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion and beauty events in the world. It reads like a who’s who of the most beautiful and fashion-forward people so it is no surprise that Brittany was there looking incredible. She was wearing a stunning black translucent dress and neon bright peach coloured lips (which looks great if you have blue eyes). She is no stranger to spritzing her mid-length locks with texturing spray and creating lovely beach waves. She hasn’t just gone for this classic look however, she has spiced it up with some mini french braids. This look is super easy to achieve, just create a centre parting a section of two-inch parts either side. You can tease the roots if your hair is really thin but if you don’t want extra hassle at the end of the night, go for dry shampoo instead. Once you create your two french braids it looks really pretty to join them together at the ends.



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