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Three new braids to try this January

Braids are brilliant there is no other hairstyle that is out of the way and functional but looks this good. Whether you are on a January fitness routine or not looking good is a must. Pinterest is one of the best places to get hair inspiration and we are seeing so, any beautiful pictures of women who have tried some stunning ned braided styles with their hair extensions. Let’s check out the best of the best so you can have stunning Pinterest worthy braids too.


clip in hair extensions-double-dutch-braid-buns


Double dutch braid buns

This is amazing if you are in school or the hospitality industry and don’t have time to retouch your hair during the day. Start by dividing your hair vertically in half and add your Cliphair extensions to make these halves lovely and thick. I am right handed so I tied my left half out of the way so I could focus on my right side first. Divide your hair nearest your hairline into three equal sections. Take the outer sections and cross them underneath the middle section to begin your dutch braid add strands as your work your way to the nape of your neck. Secure this braid and repeat the same process on the other side. Wrap the ends of your hair on both sides around to create loose, textured buns. Tie them in place and pin any out of place strands and spray will hairspray, you are ready to rock your busy day with a great hairstyle.


clip in hair extensions-fishtail-braid


The half up fishtail braid

This hairstyle is amazing and can dress up a casual look or look romantic in a fancy outfit. This is one of the best-textured braid I have seen in a while (and I have seen a lot). Start by going to town with the teasing of the lower third of your hair at the roots. You want this to look very Bridget Bardot and stylish so make sure that the top layer of hair is smooth and it doesn’t look like a bird’s nest. create a shallow centre parting at the front and separate some strands to frame your face. Pull the rest of the hair that would normally fall around your face around the back and start to create a fishtail braid. After you have created three crosses loop the ends of the braid up and over the top to create a cool top section. Continue with the fishtail braid to the end and secure with a hair tie before tugging on each of the sections to make it look thicker. Spray your hair underneath with texturising salt spray and scrunch your hair to give it that lovely carefree look.


clip in hair extensions-fishtail-braid-boho


The triple braid boho look

The top of this style looks so hard but it is actually a hair cheat. Grab 2 two inch hair extensions and divide each one into three sections. Create dutch braids with each of your hair extensions and secure with a hair tie. You are going to clip these in behind your ears, under your top layer of hair. Lay your left braid across first and pin the ends behind the opposite ear. Drape the right braid across pinning the ends underneath the left one. Now it is time to focus on your three mini braids take two one inch sections, one on your right, and create basic three-strand braids. The middle braid is going to be thicker than these two so grab a two-inch section and create a fishtail braid. Don’t forget to pinch the sections to make them thick. To check out how to do a fishtail step by step take a look at https://blog.cliphair.co.uk//how-to-hairstyles/hairgoals-how-to-fishtail-braid/.

Enjoy your gorgeous new braids girls

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