Getting ready for the Notting Hill Carnival? Well, after sorting out the best outfit of the year after a summer of festivals and shenanigans, finding the right hairstyle is the cherry on top. Celebrating Caribbean culture, music and dance in the heart of London, the event has rapidly become one of the most vibrant, iconic, and most anticipated street festivals ever. As you prepare, line up your make up, hair extensions, and extravagant accessories: here’s a list of super-cool hairstyles for Notting Hill carnival! 

Colourful Braided Crown:

The braided crown is a fan favourite and it’s been a popular option throughout the decades, not only for boho-chic outfits but also for quirky, colourful and glamorous festival looks. This hairstyle, also known as the milkmaid braid, is fairly easy to recreate – and can easily be spiced up with funky coloured hair extensions! Adding a daring streak of pink, blue, or green can elevate the look whilst pumping up volume, thickness and length! Feeling non-committal? Don’t worry, clip in hair extensions will serve the function just right! 

Tropical Flower 'do:

Embrace the tropical vibes by adding fresh or faux flowers to your hairdo. This can be done in a crown braid like the one described above, or a set of Dutch braids, a fancy French braid, or even a cute, messy bun. You could also get into DIY and craft up a cute flower crown to wear on your hair, leaving your tresses to flow long and free. If this is your hairstyle of choice, you can look into human hair extensions to make your mane look even more majestic, with added thickness, and why not? Even some extra inches of length. 

Sparkly Space Buns:

Playful and fun, space buns are an ideal choice for a festival weekend. Chosen by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, Janelle Monae, Olivia Rodrigo, Kendall Jenner, and Katy Perry, this look never fails to amaze with its peppiness. And it’s so easy to recreate too! Since you’re at it, why not add some hair tinsel to add a sparkly detail to this already otherworldly, cool hairdo? You can read more about hair tinsel in our blog: Hair Tinsel 101: Everything You Need To Know On How To Wear Sparkly Hair

Dutch Braids:

Another festival favourite? Certainly Dutch braids! Practical and universally flattering, this hairstyle can be achieved with the help of hair extensions even for those whose length and thickness don’t quite cut it yet. 26” hair extensions are perfect to recreate extra-long Dutch braids, and not only for a festival! You can also mix and match with the colours or get highlights, for a naturally sun-kissed, glowy finish.

Glamorous Curls:

Let’s be honest, gorgeously crafted curls are a timeless option. You can go for soft, bouncy curls like in a classic blowout, or experiment with tighter ringlets. On top of that, curly hair extensions can give you a boost in volume for you to go full-on big hair day for your festival celebration! Even better if you have naturally curly hair that you can adorn with colourful accessories to match your outfit. Don’t put your hair and hair extensions through any stress, and find out how you can achieve gorgeously glossy curls without resorting to heat-based styling tools. Find everything you need to know in our blog: How to Get Heatless Curls in 12 Easy Ways.

Glitter Roots and Braids:

Sparkle and shine are a must at any festival, and Notting Hill Carnival makes no difference. Growing out your hair colour? Chuck some glitter on your roots to turn your regrowth into a sparkly, colourful look. You can play around with colour combinations such as pink glitter on blonde hair (Barbie hairstyle, anyone?) or green with red hair, gold for brunette, and silver for black tresses… The world is your oyster! And what about a middle-parted high ponytail? Make this look yours with wrap around ponytail hair extensions to become the ultimate carnival queen!

Mohawk Madness:

For those who like to go bold, a Mohawk is certainly the type of hairstyle that will make everyone turn their head. If you don’t feel like shaving the sides of your head you can always opt for a fauxhawk, with the help of some heavy-duty hair pomade and braiding. Remy hair extensions can be added to add length and drama to your updo, should you go for this striking choice. Want to go extra? Add some temporary hair colour spray to make your Mohawk even more captivating! Here’s what to know about it: How To Use Spray Hair Colour?


As per every festival look, hair plays an essential role in putting a cool outfit together. With the help of Remy hair extensions you can elevate any hairstyle and party on for the Notting Hill carnival!

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