If you’re seeing everyone on your timeline getting their baby hair lifted, don’t panic: it’s just the latest TiKToK craze, aka the “scandinavian hairline”. This refreshing trend has taken the beauty world by storm – and it’s easy to see why! Inspired by the natural hair looks of people native to Nordic regions such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, the Scandi hairline takes its moniker from northern Europe – but it suits fashionistas all over the world just as magnificently. But what is a scandi hairline exactly, and how do you achieve it? Let’s see some examples together and let’s find out how to give a Scandi touch to your tresses.

In Essence: What Is The Scandi Hairline?

The Scandi hairline trend is perfect to try over summer, as it helps enhance a naturally sun-kissed look that will make your complexion glow from the inside out. Reminiscent of the good old Money Piece hairstyle (you can read all about it here: Money Piece Hair: The Trend To Get Ready For Summer), a Scandi hairline aims to achieve a more natural, minimalistic highlighting effect that goes around your whole hairline like a halo, softening your features and freshening up your overall look. This delicate and natural approach with the lightening effect complements a range of hairstyles (with particular attention to updo’s).

How To Get A Scandi Hairline

When visiting the salon, asking for a Scandi hairline might not be enough – especially if your selected stylist isn’t a social media person. Show them some examples of what you want, and don’t be discouraged if they tell you that the result you’ll achieve might be different from the actual photo reference. A Scandinavian hairline suits blondes in particular, but if you have brown or darker hair you can still give it a go by choosing a lighter shade that is closer in intensity to the rest of your tresses.

The technique is quite simple: it involves lightening the baby hairs and the hairline selectively, running down the forehead. Using a fine comb, your hairstylist will carefully lift and dye the finer hair on your hairline. Usually the lifting is of a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour, softening the roots and creating gentle contrast between layers. This will not only brighten your hairstyle, but also add a luminous effect to your overall facial appearance.

Adding balayage hair extensions can be the perfect way to step up your hair game and add a touch of light to the rest of your tresses, in harmony with your chosen hairline look.

Embracing Natural Beauty With A Scandi Hairline

As the Scandi hairline trend continues to gain popularity, it aligns with some of the other trends that we’ve seen breaking the internet lately, such as the whole “vanilla girl aesthetic”, and the “latte makeup trend”, together with “glazed donut manicure”, and so on. With the promise of celebrating natural beauty, minimalism in the world of hairstyles and makeup has been spreading like wildfire. As the “less is more” principle gains popularity among younger generations, any look that lets your natural features come to life is heavily appreciated. Sun-kissed looks and nude makeup are a must for summer 2023, so why not experiment with the Scandi hairline for a naturally glowing finish?

If you don’t feel like going full Scandi you could potentially add highlight hair extensions to the lower layers of your mane, so that you can get an idea of the final results.

Maintaining the Scandi Hairline

Achieving the Scandi hairline might seem easy initially, but you may want to keep your appointments to the hair salon quite regular. Like with the Money Piece hairstyle, which I have largely talked about in the past, your hair regrowth needs to be kept under control with frequent touch ups not to ruin the final finish.


TikTok’s latest hair craze, the Scandi hairline, is a new, fresh approach to achieving the beloved sun-kissed glow that many people crave during summer. By using balayage hair extensions or adding highlights to your tresses, you can enhance this look even further and achieve the perfect summer glow.

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