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The hairstyle everyone was wearing the year you were born

Authored By Katie O' Connor


1960 build it up high

This may seem a little extreme compared to what we like today but it was all the rage in 1960. Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot so blondes were all the rage. You didn’t have to worry that your hair was neat like in the 50’s this built up sexy look was winning in 1960.


1965 long and sleek

Flower power was in full bloom by 65 so long effortless was in. straight hair was huge in 65 but not dead straight like in the 90s but a softer, more natural look. Some people wore it with a fringe to show off their eyeshadow but if you want to replicate it you will need to make sure you have your hair extensions in.


1970 central framing

This is the most iconic look of the 70s. Farrah Fawcett was in and the original Charlie’s angles were all over the TV. It was the 1970’s Love story that started this centre parting trend that caused women to go gaga for the rest of the decade.



1975 big curls

Big, natural looking curls that were made to draw attention show their heads in 1965. the bigger the better. Thick hair was all the rage and hair extensions would undoubtedly help with this.



1980 shaggy dos

Say hello to the rock and roll shaggy do. This style isn’t for everyone but with the dawn of 80’s rock, there was nothing that screamed modern and edgy like the shaggy look.


1985 The big tease

Madonna is the queen of pop and she is the queen of 1985 hairstyles. Teasing her fans with her vocals as well as her hair proved to be a big hit. It didn’t matter if you had straight or curly hair just make sure you tease your hair so it is nice and big and spray it so it stays that way.



1990 the Diana look

For the first time in decades, short hair was all the rage thanks to The People’s Princess. Short hair with layers and effortlessly swept away from your eyes is the way to go for this style.


1995 novelty clips

These were super cute and popular in 1995. love them or loathe them they were worn by everyone including Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



2000 notable highlights around your face

Oh boy, these were a killer, we welcomed the naughties in with this fashion nightmare- big highlights. In theory, they were meant to draw attention to your face and be fresh and original but they just looked awful. We shouldn’t feel too bad for sporting them after al Kelly Clarkson an Beyonce did as well.



2005 side fringe

A lot of people still wear their hair like this and if you have the face shape for it, it looks great. This helps draw your attention down to your cheekbones so if you have killer cheeks show them off.


2010 braids pinned back

Beach vibes were all the rage in 2010 with everyone rocking waves. A cute trend emerged to keep hair out of your eyes braids were worn along with your hairline and pinned out of the way.




2015 half up bun

This look spun off the top knot and is great for running late and still looking fab. A top knot on top and a flowing half down look below, what could go wrong?




This year grey bob

Shaggy bobs are all the rage as it heats up and grey is the colour to go for. No fear of getting old grey is the new edgy.


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