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The Downton Abbey film hair file

The Downton Abbey film hair file


This is the film of the season. We all loved the series and loads of us are running to see it on the big screens. We are now in the late ’20s with the Downton Abbey gang and there is definitely the glitz and elegance you would expect. Today I want to share with you the best looks from the film. I hope you love them as much as I do. If you like the looks as much as I show off your versions by #wearcliphair

Mary’s bob

Say hello to the new side of Mary! This is the most modern style in the show and was the most daring female hairstyle of the 1920s. This was the era that invented the bob. This style had to be very well looked after. Not only do you have the swooped insides to look after but the blunt cut fringe as well. If you like a striking style, try this one.


The missing Rose


I am being a bit cheeky with this one. Lady Rose wasn’t actually in the movie. Why? She had already moved to New York. I could not resist adding this in though, I am in love with this headband accessory. It is intricate and when it on the hairline it draws attention to both your face and your hairstyle. Win, win.

The Waves

This is a style that was rocked by several of the women in the Downton Abbey Movie. Lady Edith was the person I noticed it on the most. It is brilliant with her bone structure. If you have stronger bone structure, try this look. It does take time and more than a few clips to create but it is totally worth it if you want to make a big impression (no pun intended).

Every shade of Violet

I couldn’t resist putting in this image of Maggie Smith’s scowl. She gives the best side-eye I have ever seen. That is not the only reason I have included this pic. I am completely in love with her hairstyle here. It predates the 20s but I love this classic look with the curls on top. These act like a crown and are so sophisticated. You couldn’t wear this everywhere but it would make you look like a total boss in meetings and fit in at fancy events, definitely one to try.


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