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The cold never bothered me anyway- how to rock snow day hair

The cold never bothered me anyway- how to rock snow day hair
Authored By Katie O' Connor

Oh wow, it is snowing! You are having one of two reactions right now you are either super excited like me or you are freaking out about what to do about transport and your hair. It is cold quite a lot of the time in the UK but it doesn’t actually snow that often so worrying a bit when it does is understandable. Snow can seriously mess with your hairstyle although it isn’t bad for your hair on its own, wind is not our friend. Today I am going to go through some hair hazards in snowy weather and how to remedy them.


clip in hair extensions-your-hood


Your hood

We all wrap up as warm as we can when snow hits so we don’t freeze but our hoods are not actually that great for us. Our hoods always blow off a few times and we have to pull them back on again. All this rubbing causes friction which is awful for your hair and extension if you have them in. I am definitely not saying don’t have a hood on but think about how you can stop it from falling. There are two ways to help this. 1- wear an extra scarf around your neck. Stuffing your hood with more things means it won’t have room to fall down. 2- try styling a satin scarf around your head for snowy days. It is a fierce look and the smooth material means no friction on your hair double win.


clip in hair extensions-cold-wind


The cold wind

This is the major killer of your hair. To be honest any wind isn’t great, but particularly cold wind. Without heat, in the air, your hair become so much more brittle and horrible, your hair extensions too. It often windy when it snows so this may be a major hair hazard today. We can’t stop the weather but we can prepare our hair. If you are planning to wash your hair this morning (brave people) take a little more time for your deep nourishing hair treatment. If you are pressed for time and aren’t washing your locks then make sure you put in some leave-in conditioner or serum at the very least to keep you moisturised. Don’t forget your hairspray today ladies, we are going to need it. A massive tip is to get alcohol free hairspray as the alcohol adds to hair dryness, not what we want today.


clip in hair extensions-rock-in-snow


Hairstyles to rock in snow

I have one word for your- beanies. This is going to be what you are wearing for a lot of the day today so plan your hairstyle accordingly. Having naturally curly hair I do not risk having my hair down with a beanie, I always advise tying it up in this weather. If you don’t have time a low messy bun or a textured ponytail is great for this weather but if you want to add some depth and dimension to your look go for pancake braids, whether it is a single braid or a double, it will look fab.


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