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Steal her style Shakira

If you think of stunning voluminous curls Shakira is one of the first women that will come to mind. This Columbian signora is a fabulous singer with energy and vibrancy. She is easy going and loves to have fun, a trait which is reflected in her style. Let’s check out her style.

clip in hair extensions-shakira-hamburgh-hair

Her Hamburg hair

Her naturally curly was straightened here for her trip to Germany. In a very femme suit, she is rocking black jeans with a nice monochrome top. This a perfect smart casual look for her Global Citizen performance. Her straight hair adds more sophistication than her large curly man would but she has still kept it laid back with a side-swept finish.



Her extra long braid

This look is channelling a bit of Madonna to promote Perro Fiel and I love it. She is clearly no stranger to hair extensions here and they have been beautifully woven into her french braid. This look is all about drama. From the top, she has a large section of hair wrapped around the base of her braid to give it height and make sure it gets the attention it needs. Although this looks big and chunky the braid was most probably tight but the hair extensions have given it the extra body. Having a tighter braid would make it easier to blend hair extensions further down and keep everything in place for her high energy dance routines. This one may take some time but if you want drama it is an incredible look.

clip in hair extensions-shakira-flaming-red

Flaming red

We usually know Shakira for her brown or golden locks but she spiced things up for her Perro Fiel video. Riding a motorcycle she looks incredibly free and a bit of a wild child. She has kept her classic long hair but this auburn shade looks incredible with her olive skin tone and the backwards black cap definitely completes the look she is going for in this video.

clip in hair extensions-shakira-golden-goddess

Golden Goddess

Am I the only one getting majorly envious over here? Shakira looks incredible in her golden dress, look at her awesome figure, and looks like a queen with her natural curly mane. I love that she hasn’t gone for straight hair here, she has one of the most luscious and healthy curls out there so it is a same to change them. Dividing her hair above her ears she has let her lower half go loose and swept her upper half into an oversized top knot. Because it is formal not having a messy bun is wise, but this still doesn’t look overdone and is finished perfectly with strands framing her face.

clip in hair extensions-shakira-woman

When a woman

Could we love Shakira’s dressed down look any more? She sported this casual style whilst recording When a Woman. The reason I love it so much is because you can tell she is a woman who is working her style around what is important to her, her job, and not the other way around. This double space bun style is incredibly cute but more importantly, it is quick and functional. Say hello to your new workout style.

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