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Steal her style Priyanka Chopra

Oh my goodness guys, this woman is extraordinary! She started out as a stunning miss world and is now rocking it in the world of Bollywood. Most of us would recognise her even if we haven’t seen her work. What love about her is her pride, not arrogance just to confirm. She is proud to look exactly how she does and you cant tell in what she wears and how she moves. She rocks her curves and she knows how to style herself impeccably. Not only does it make us what to be friends with her but steal her style too. Let’s check it out.

clip in hair extensions-priyanka-chopra-rock-roll

Rock and roll Priyanka

this has a very chic Mick Jagger vibe. Look at her cool glasses and monochrome outfit. It is hard to believe she may just be stepping out for a coffee and a bagel. The thing that really makes this outfit what it is is her hair. If you had straight hair it just would have the same effect. To achieve this perfect lion’s mane tease your roots and add some hair extensions if your hair isn’t thick enough. You will need your heat protecting spray before you grab your curler. Make your curls large and scrunch them with mousse rather than hairspray. Once they are dry run your fingers through them to create your waves.

clip in hair extensions-priyanka-chopra-jake-star

A Kid like Jake star

She is definitely looking every bit the Hollywood star here. It is so simple but looks incredibly sophisticated, just what you want if you are taking the acting world by storm. Making sure your hair is smooth is essential so you can move it the direction you want and it will obey you. Starting with a side part is a must for this look to get that old Hollywood glamorous style. On your deeper side separate the hair in front of your ear. The rest of your hair can be swept back into a low ponytail and twist it. Folding it up, pin it against your head. The piece de resistance of this style is the curls at the front so spray on some heat protection and whack out your curler. Once you have curled, pin and hairspray them whilst they cool so they retain their Hollywood charm.

clip in hair extensions-priyanka-chopra-bun

Ready to go bun

Working with UNICEF means you don’t have the luxury of spending hours to perfect a fancy looking style. Even when not doing something incredible for humanity it can feel like we are short on time. If you are a busy lady like Priyanka this style is for you. Create a triangle shaped division in the centre at your front hairline. This can be quite thick, in fact, that may help you. Horizontally divide this section in half.  The bottom section twist and pin to your head. You won’t see it but it will help you get that height at the front. The top section needs to be teased at the roots a little. Drape this over the twisted section and pin it in place. The rest of your hair can just be put up into a messy bun. Perfect for a day on the go.



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