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How to make your extensions last longer

This is one I have heard your guys crying out for, for a while. We have been having some crazy weather and everyone seems busy so we want to make sure that you want your beauty investment to look as fabulous for as long as possible. I totally get you. There is nothing worse that is coming home at the end of a busy to realize your hair extensions have gone to pot. I have put together some tips to make your extensions go that extra distance. Some of them are common sense and some are total life-saving hair hacks so keep reading to check them out.


Use them in the right activities

We want to wear hair extensions out with style, right? So it sounds weird to say there might not be activities that you should wear hair extensions during. If you want to keep your hair extensions looking fresh try not to go swimming with your hair extensions in. it is a great form of exercise but it is awful for your hair and especially your extensions. Chlorine makes them brittle and if they are dyed can alter their colour. If you have clip in extensions don’t wear them to the gym or to sleep either. All the movement and sweat if not very good for your hair extensions. When we wash our own hair we can get right down to the roots to make sure it is fully clean and dried but when washing extensions you have on you cannot be sure. Do the smart thing and avoid where possible.


How to store them

If you are in between re-taping your hair extensions or popping your clip-ins in storing your hair extensions correctly could save you a whole bunch of time. There are a couple of ways you can store them effectively. The first is what you can do is store like it is shown the photo. Get some extension hangers or if you have some trouser hangers laying about they will work perfectly too. If you have clip in hair extensions make sure you avoid the clips. The other way to store your hair extensions well is to use the box they came in. if you want to make sure that they don’t tangle twirl it around your hand and pop it into a hairnet before you place it in the box.


Use the right brush

one of the hardest thing on your hair is brushing them too harshly and with the wrong brush. A major hint is to brush your hair from your ends to your roots to work out the tangles with the least pulling. Using a loop brush and hold your hair extensions underneath the tapes or clips for the best brush. These brushes are super easy to get online and are often made out of rubber. They won’t snag your hair as often and are brilliant at helping your smooth out your hair extensions after styling them, even backcombing.


Follow these tips for longer living hair extensions extensions

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