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Making Your Clip In Extensions Last Longer, (I) – Q&A Session 11

Making Your Clip In Extensions Last Longer, (I) – Q&A Session 11

The biggest challenge with clip in extensions is their lifespan; we’re often asked how long they last and what condition they’ll end up in. But it’s never a straight answer – there are so many variables involved. Your hair extensions could last for a year, but then the exact same set might not even last a month; it depends on a whole host of reasons. The main factor in how long your extensions last is how well you care for them. And that’s why we’re here today to give you a breakdown of things to look out for when looking after your clip in hair extensions.

(If you’ve got curly locks or like the idea of the extra volume you can get with wavy extensions, then check out our last blog – all about curly and wavy clip in extensions.)



  1. Do clip in hair extensions last long?

You and your clip-in extensions can stay BFFs for a decent amount of time if you take care of them. Well-cared-for extensions can last for around a year.

How long your clip in hair extensions last depends upon how you care for them. If you use the correct haircare products and care for them well, then they can stay looking good for a year, perhaps more. But it’s all about knowing how to care for them, which is why we always advise customers to fully research their hair extensions before buying them. This way you’ll know more about them and can care for them properly.

  1. How can you make your clip-ins last longer?

dying your hair

It’s simple – make your clip-ins last longer by taking good care of them and by using the right products to wash, condition and style them.

To make your clip in hair extensions last longer, you need to take care of them; the better you take care of them the longer they will last. It’s also a good idea to use haircare products from the same supplier as your hair extensions. That’s because their hair care products are designed to complement their hair extensions.

Lots of people wrongly think that taking care of your clip-in extensions involves a lot of hard work and includes a long list of expensive products. That’s not really the case. You only really need five different products – that’s hardly enough to fill one shelf of an average bathroom cabinet! And you certainly don’t need 100 steps to make your hair look good. Overcomplicating things just means you’ll end up skipping crucial steps and neglecting your hair. Stick to the basics – overdoing it on anything won’t make your hair better.

Here are a few simple things to help you make your extensions last longer:

  • Washing: don’t wash your extensions too often; only when you notice product building up.
  • Air drying: use a soft towel or t-shirt to pat out any excess moisture and then air dry your clip in extensions – it’s hands-down the best way to dry them.
  • Correct products: always use products that are designed for or complement your clip in extensions and always use sulphate-free and alcohol-free products.
  • Conditioners & masks: because your hair extensions don’t have the benefit of natural nourishment from your scalp, you need to give them a lot of love and care to make them last. So never, ever skip conditioner and make sure you use a hair mask every five washes. If you regularly heat-style your extensions, then use a mask every three washes
  • Keep it cool: hot water and heat are two of your extension’s biggest enemies. Hot water just strips the moisture from them so wash your extensions with lukewarm water.
  • Heat tools: stay away from heat as much as you can! But if you must, then use good quality heat tools and always use heat protection or treatments.
  • Brushing: always brush your extensions gently and never, ever brush them while they’re wet.



  1. How often should you wash clip in hair extensions?

For best results, only wash your hair when you notice product build-up. Ideally this would be every 10-15 uses.

How often you wash your clip in hair extensions really affects their lifespan. You’ll get best results and longer-lasting extensions if you only wash them when you notice a lot of product build-up – perhaps every 10 to 15 uses.

A fan of styling your hair with lots of product? Then you’ll probably need to wash your hair more frequently. But even in this situation, try to keep washing to a minimum – every 5-7 wears for example.  If you wash them less often than every 10 uses, remember to use a moisturising hair mask every few washes.


  1. Can using heat tools affect the life of my clip in extensions?


how to protect your extensions from heating tools damage

Yes, they really can. They’re one of the main causes of dried-out extensions. Keep your hair styling in check by using heat protection spray and quality styling tools.

Heat tools are one of the biggest causes of frizzy, dried out hair extensions. High heat levels can completely dry them out, and even fry them in some cases. Not heard of fried hair? It often happens when you apply an oil-based product to your hair and then use a lot of heat – you literally fry it! It damages the hair leaving it dry and crispy-looking and is irreversible.

But it’s not all bad news; use the correct heat protection and good quality heat styling tools you can style those extensions anyway you like.

Love your clip ins and care for them well, and they’ll last you longer. Stay tuned for the next part of this blog for more information about how you can keep your clip in hair extensions in top-notch condition. Want to know more? Write to us at advice@cliphair.co.uk with more questions about looking after your hair extensions.


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