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The Best Wimbledon Women’s Hairstyles

Now that Wimbledon 2015 is truly in full swing, the lemonade, Pimms, strawberries, and cream are everywhere you look. In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to be drinking cocktails in the afternoon – after all, can you really enjoy a bit of midday Tennis without a cold drink in your hand?

According to weather reports, the month is due to get even hotter, so it’s time for the ClipHair Team to take an interest in what might be going on courtside. With Tennis stars like Eugenie Bouchard and the inimitable Williams sisters (who feel like they will never NOT be a big part of Wimbledon) whipping up a storm in searing temperatures, you really do have to commend their awesome talent and dedication.

You also have to give them a hand for looking so gorgeous at a time when grunting and sweating are more like inevitabilities than choices. No really, just take a look at Simona Halep or Marion Egon and you will see that these ladies play dangerously and look dangerously hot too. In celebration of their triumphs and tragedies, here is a look at our favourite hairstyles from Wimbledon through the ages.

Venus Williams – Braided Extensions

The ferociously brilliant Venus Williams has made some epic style choices over the years and even come close to flouting regulations with some of her match outfits. She seems to be just as bold with her hair, having opted for a whole range of different styles over the last few years. As this range of styles includes purple hair extensions, it’s hard to argue with the notion that she is a fun loving and friendly personality off the court. One of our favourite Venus styles is her braided extensions, because they looked great and were (for once) suitable for play.

img1 img2

images via pinterest.com

Anna Kournikova – Fishtail Braids and Plaits

This blonde bombshell of a player unwittingly became a fantasy for teenage boys everywhere as her profile in the Tennis world soared. It’s a good thing that the now retired Kournikova was an amazing athlete too, despite missing out on a Wimbledon title as an individual player. She did win a doubles title with Martina Hingis in 1999, but the big one sadly alluded her – not to worry though because she looked amazing with this classic three braid pony style and with this fishtail plait too. To steal her fishtail for yourself, pick up a 22 inch micro ring extension piece from Clip Hair and rope in a friend to help you practice the twists.

img3 img4

images via pinterest.com

Elena Dementeiva – The Nape Knot

As one of the best female Tennis players on the planet, it should come as a surprise that so few of us have heard the name Elena Dementeiva. If you’re one of the unfamiliar, check out her gold medal win at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She likes to keep her private and personal life under wraps and prefers to stay out of the limelight, so perhaps it’s a good thing that the lovely Dementeiva only pops up on our screens every now and again. This simple and elegant nape knot is easy to put together, super practical for play, and looks wonderfully chic.

img5 img6

images via pinterest.com

Maria Sharapova – The High Ponytail

With more Grand Slam titles than you can shake a stick at it, Maria Sharapova has swept in and taken the title of biggest Tennis babe away from Anna Kournikova. It’s not all she has to brag about either, because she has more than her fair share of trophies too. She seems to dominate all of her matches whilst sporting a supremely glossy ponytail, worn high up on the head. If you want to steal this look for yourself, affix a clip in extension piece around a securely tied and fastened bun of your natural hair and then arrange it so that the join cannot be spotted.

img7 img8

images via pinterest.com

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