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The best best idea turned worst hair nightmare

It’s spring and we all know that the warmer climate makes us a little experimental when it comes to our sense of fashion and style. For many of us longer hair can get awkward and hot so we chop off our locks. If your mane is looking dull we often have the urge to chop off our locks.  This is so freeing and amazing (if the hair dresser gets it right). If, however, you asked to look like Anne Hathaway and came out looking like Justin Timberlake it can be a long and awkward wait for you hair to grow. We have put together a few hairstyles that hair extension alexcould save your awful cut and keep you feeling and looking great. Hair mistake, what hair mistake.


Cliphair Extensions

The one sided mishap

This is very rare, thankfully, but it can still happen. A distracted or not fully qualified hairdresser can go Edward scissor hands on your hair and end up making it look a mess. So which style is the best to go with in a hair extension fix up? The A- symmetrical cut. This works with not everything being exactly the same level but this actually looks like it done on purpose. The most common length for this is a bob length and it looks amazing when styled as waves. This makes it easier to blend you extensions and you can scrunch in some alcohol free hair spray to keep those waves at bay.

cliphair-hair-extensions-best idea-one side mishap

The “I didn’t want it that short” cut:

you may have gone in for a trim but you have come out with more of a change than you bargained for! Most hairdressers are brilliant and adhere to your wishes but there are a few out there that believe they know best. In some cases they may be right but hey it wasn’t what you asked for so it is a no no. The brilliant thing about extending from something like a pixie cut it that your hair is so short the hair, in general, lays a but flatter. This is brilliant as it means you can make your hair significantly longer. If you are worried about blending layer your extensions and you will add extra body to your locks as well.



The bob you just don’t suit:

We have all had those times we are so convinced that something is right for us and will make us look like Alexa Chung but when the stylist is done you look like Miss Piggy. Our advice ditch the waiting for it to grown slowly and go straight for long sleek, waist length locks. The best thing about getting long extensions is if you want to dye them for extra style, you can. If you ant to trim them so that they suit your face shape, you can. We can’t make your hair grown overnight but we can help you cover up that hairdo you will forever regret. After all no-one wants to see hated pictures of yourself on Facebook.



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