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That Marilyn Look

If you think of Hollywood glamour there is one idol that sticks out platinum blonde head and shoulders above the rest, that’s right Marilyn Monroe. Even if you have never seen a single one of her films her classic beauty and icon style still has an influence on our favourite celebrities and designers today. Max Mara and Sam McKnight are but a few of the A-list stylist and designers opting to recreate the starlet’s style. The brilliant thing about this style is that it isn’t just for short haired girls but us flowing locked gals as well.



In fact it often looks better! This keeps the thickness to make these waves bounce.


Take care a prepare

The tools you use for this style is key! Even though a straightener can help to create loose curls or waves the key to vintage looks is tight curls, this is something only a good curling iron can achieve. If you have thin hair this style will look lifeless so make sure you pop in some extensions before you start, better safe than sorry. This look involves a lot of curling so the first step is to take care of your locks and wash your hair with an ultra nourishing hair mask which is aimed at improving hair vibrance. If you want to use a serum before your start curling that is fine, just don’t put too much in as it will make the curls harder to stay.




Fringe First

If you have a fringe you will want to focus on curling it first. Marilyn’s spit curl at the front is what makes her hair so recognisable so it is important you do this accurately. Create a deep parting over your left eye and curl away from the parting. After you take it off the curling iron, roll it down and pin it. This allows it it cool in shape and stays curlier for longer. It may be three or four sections to curl your fringe, it doesn’t matter what number it just matters that all your sections are even.




The whole head

This takes a little time but it looks amazing and is so worth it! Each of your curls should be about a one inch section and curled reasonable tightly. The curls being fairly identical is super important and we want them to flow into each other once they are brushed out. Like your fringe curls, you want to curl your hair downwards away from the parting. Once your curl is formed roll is close to your head and pin it while it cools. Repeat this all over your head and lightly spritz with alcohol free hairspray.




Unpin and Brush

After your curls are all cool gently unpin your hair so you don’t disturb your curls. Your will find that they hardly move at all! Now lightly (super lightly) run your fingers through your hair. You want help your curls blend into each other without brushing out the curls.  Now grab a wide toothed comb at comb over upper part of your top layer so no extensions or hair separation is visible. The last section to comb together are your fringe curls so they create that lovely singular spit curl at the end, give it a quick spritz.



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