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Style Steal: The Saturdays

The Saturdays burst onto the music scene in 2007, in a whirlwind of colourful outfits, mischievous quips and superstar potential. They released debut single ‘If This Is Love’ to rapturous applause, and began their assent to pop royalty. In many ways, they were the new Spice Girls and the new Girls Aloud, all rolled into one – only more approachable and with much bigger smiles.

The supergroup of Una Healey, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Vanessa White and Rochelle Humes is a gaggle of girls that most would kill to hang out with. They’re sassy, beautiful, down-to-earth and unafraid to have a good time. They also happen to look great. We adore the Saturdays here at ClipHair, not only because they’re perfect for dancing to on a Friday night, but because they’re hair icons.

These five uber-cool ladies have rocked some of the biggest hairdos of the last five years. You only have to look at how quickly ‘the Frankie’ took off to see that. In 2010, every pop fan and their mother was imitating the cute pixie crop. As the girls are currently in the midst of a tour, to promote their upcoming Greatest Hits album, we have created a handy guide to stealing their style – with a little help from ClipHair extensions, of course.

Frankie Sandford
The beautiful Frankie Sandford might be famous for her pixie crop, but she has switched things up a little in the past. A few years ago, the chanteuse surprised everybody by stepping out in long chestnut brown hair extensions, with honey blonde highlights. With a sweeping fringe over one eye and a romantic bounce, this hairdo cemented Sandford’s place amongst the style elite. If you want to steal it, try our 24 inch Remy clip in extensions, in chestnut brown. For that sun-kissed look, add some clip in highlights, in a light golden blonde tone. You only have to attach them to your natural locks, curl the bottoms with rollers and then let the waves set as you sleep – voila, instant glamour.
long chestnut brown hair
brown hair extensions, with honey blonde highlights
you can view this images here and here
Mollie King
As the blonde bombshell of the group, Mollie King gets to experiment with lots of different hairstyles – all of them drop dead gorgeous. Her trademark look is fun and relaxed, big fifties style curls that tumble over her shoulders and perfectly frame her oval face. For beach babe tresses, just like hers, you need a set of full head extensions, in dark or ash blonde. They can be shoulder length or longer – if you want to replicate the retro beehives that Mollie is so fond of you, we recommend a 22 or 24 inch hair piece. For the perfect beehive, let your locks go unwashed for at least 24 hours. It might sound gross, but it will be easier to style.
fun and relaxed hair
beach babe tresses
you can view this images here and here
Rochelle Humes
As far as life changes go, Rochelle Humes has had an exciting few years. She has not only reached the top of the charts on numerous occasions, alongside her Saturdays’ bandmates, she also married and had her first child. Despite being heavily pregnant, Rochelle was never pictured looking anything but flawless, especially in regards to her locks. We adore the fishtail braid that she was snapped rocking at a media event, a few years ago. If you have short hair and want to steal this style, why not think about picking up a clip in ponytail, in dark or medium brown, and using it as a basis for the braid. For a stylish updo, just wind the fishtail around the ponytail clips.
We adore the fishtail braid
wind the fishtail around
you can view this images here and here
Una Healey
The blue eyed, fair skinned Una Healey knows exactly how to make the most out of her striking Gaelic features. This red headed gal already has the advantage of fiery, feisty locks, yet she goes the extra mile with super stylish hairdos that perfectly complement her high cheekbones and luscious pout. For an ultra-chic ‘half up and half down do’ with enough life and body to rival Una’s, go for a Remy clip in hair piece in mahogany. In order to avoid the need to use heat based styling products, and potentially damage the hair piece, make sure that you choose a poker straight extension piece for this look. If you do want a slight curl, either buy a wavy extension piece or leave rollers in overnight.
half up and half down do
half up and half down do2
you can view this images here and here
Vanessa White
With ferocious curls and real ‘va va voom’ volume, Vanessa White could be said to have the most exotic tresses of all five Saturdays girls. It is lucky that she is so adept at taming the tangles, because lots of curly gals often find it quite hard to keep their hair looking flawless. We were particularly fond of what we like to call Vanessa’s ‘Cheryl Cole’ period, when she stepped out rocking vibrant red highlights, in her shoulder length black tresses. To steal this style, pick up a one piece clip in extension in deep plum red, and attach it to your crown so that it lends your natural locks a little extra fire. If you are a bold fashionista, why not go the whole way and invest in a bright clip in fringe piece too?
most exotic tresses
extension in deep plum red
you can view this images here and here
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