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Steal their style- the red carpet at the Emmys 2017

It is that time again the best of the best in tinsel town are gathered for the Emmys. It may not be as big as the Oscars but we love seeing our favorite celebrities from here and all around the world. I am in total amazement about how talented some of the actress nominated are. Honestly, guys if you haven’t some of the shows nominated, you have to. It isn’t just their sheer talent I am astounded by but I am also totally stunned (and a little bit jealous) of how elegant and stunning they look. Let’s check out some of the winners of the Emmys.


Kate McKinnon

If you haven’t watched Saturday Night Live you may not know Kate. She is great at playing not one character but several and this is hilarious a great rainy day watch. She looked anything but funny over the weekend. She looked hot in her bright red dress and made it look totally effortless with her loose curls. It is a great way to dress up for a girls’ night out without looking overly formal. The only thing that could let this style down is thin, lifeless hair. If you think that is you, get it sorted and use extensions.

cliphair-extensions-emmys-2017-Julia Louis-Dreyfus 1

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia has come a long way since Seinfeld but is still rocking it with the comedy. She won the best actress for the comedy series Veep. She has gone old school and it really is a winning look. This style has been popular in Hollywood forever and looks stunning on Dita Von Tease as well. If you want to get this style yourself you will need time, a deep part, curlers and make sure you don’t skimp on the hairspray.


Nicole Kidman

Nicole is rocking it in Big Little Lies and we can see she is happy about it. She may look as elegant as ever but she is ready to party. If you want to prim but ready to party style go for a stylish twisted ponytail like Nicole. For a hint of the 90’s style pull some strands of hair out around your temples. This one is super easy and can be worn day or night so get ready to rock this style.


Elisabeth Moss

One of this year’s most talked about show The Handmaid’s Tale won Elisabeth Moss a best actress Emmy Award. I a so excited to see this one. Elisabeth looked anything but a handmaid on the red carpet and every bit the star that she is. This look is definitely designed to make you look like a princess this strapless pale pink dress amazing and very eye-catching. If you are planning to wear an outstanding dress like this do what Elisabeth does with her beauty and go simple. Soft and sleek, side-swept straight hair is the way to go here. This can be worn everyday but as the weather gets colder you will need the serum to keep it looking this good.

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