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Steal their style- the love island ladies

Let’s face it Love Island is everyone’s secret pleasure this year. We love to find out who is flirting with whom, who got dumped and who just came across as crazy. This is one secret pleasure everyone is happy to talk about and everyone is talking about it. So today so are we. We are going to show you some of the styles from this year’s female contestants.



Laura Anderson

Laura is not shy about showing her happiness when her ex Wes doesn’t get the coupling he was hoping for and isn’t shy about telling Simon Cowell’s secrets either. She likes to make a splash and she certainly does that with this fun look. Curling and hair extensions are a must to get your mini ponytail this full and have some hair left over to wrap around your hair tie.



Kendall Rae-Knight

She may have been the first to get dumped and sent home so it is fair to say Kendall may not have the best taste in men. She is proud to say she is who she is and this retail manager likes to feel special and get dressed up. She looks stunning with her centre parted loose waves, perfect for summer.


Zara McDermott

Zara may be young but she definitely knew her mind whilst on the show and she knows what she likes and doesn’t like with her style as well. Long locks and a mini bun are fun and stylish, just like her.



Kazimir Crossley

This balayaged babe is one of my favourite contestants because she seems to look fab in everything.  It is no surprise as she is a makeup artist but her shimmering tan is perfect and is so complimentary to her balayage blonde locks.


Rosie Williams

Looking for a laugh Welsh solicitor has really turned heads on Love Island and if this look is any measure of her style, it is easy to see why. Easy naturally hair, only lightly brush looks very boho under this wide brim hat and hoop earrings. Who said staying in the shade needs to be unfashionable.


Ellie Jones

Kent’s poutiest diva Ellie likes to think of herself as the ‘girl next door’. My next door neighbours certainly don’t have her fashion sense. She is slaying it with her messy bun here.


Grace Wardle

This 25-year-old hairdresser is the epitome of the saying blondes have the most fun. She looks like she is having a blast in her poker dot top. She has also done something I have noticed a lot of blondes doing, opting for a bright bandana or headband to make their looks pop.


Darylle Sargeant

This is quite a low key look for rebellious Darylle. She looks very high end with her super straight hair and centre-parted low ponytail. It works well for any occasion.







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