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Steal their style-Get the Pride Vibe

I can’t do a blog today without talking about London Pride. I was sensational! With the #loveislove spirit and the air and a see of colours, it was impossible for people not to be in a good mood. So today I want to talk about some of my heroes in the community that are rocking it and whom we all love. Today’s Steal there style is not just about women who are incredibly strong and successful but also have some serious style going on. At the end of the day, people are just people and love is love.


Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner is a stunning actress, singer and model. If you can’t place the face you probably know her from the Step up series. I am loving her messy curls with this ultra glam look. The secret to making them messy but manageable is to curl your hair with different widths of the curling wand so it looks natural and add texture spray at the end.


Abbi Jacobson

This comedian is a super talented writer as well as a funny lady. She is often low key with her looks and this is no exception but I love her mid-length hair and blunt cut fringe. This is so on trend and I think we are going to see a lot of this style in the coming months as people grow out their bobs. If you haven’t got a fringe and want to see what it will look like why not try fringe extensions to try out the look?


Janelle Monae

I love Janelle, she is such a wonderful musician. You don’t need a striped red suit to stand out just a gorgeous thick braid like she has here. Even if you don’t have natural tight curls you can create interesting texture by adding your extensions and crimping your hair before creating an extra thick side fishtail braid, make sure you hide any hair ties to make this look extra stylish.



Cassandra Bankson

This gorgeous Model and Youtuber always looks flawless. I love how casual this look is, everyone can do it no matter their hair types or length. If you want your top knot to look a little more upmarket does what Cassandra has done and turn your ponytail into a twist braid before you wind it into a bun.



Ellen Page

Another stunning brunette Ellen Page made her big break in Juno. Even though the way she was outed was disgusting, she has stayed strong and true to herself. She has a little bit of a rock ‘n roll edge to her style and it looks wicked on the red carpet.  A low bun with multiple mini twists and large sections of hair to frame her face it is both low key and glamorous both just like this awesome ref carpet tux of hers. Make sure you add some serum to this look flyaways and split ends are not welcome here.





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