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Steal Her Style – Zendaya

In 2015, Disney star Zendaya found herself at the centre of a media storm; and it was all to do with her choice of hairstyle. Guliana Rancic, a presenter at the Oscars stoked outrage when she described the actress as looking like her dreadlocks ‘smell of weed.’ It was an ill-informed statement that led to cries of racism and prompted Zendaya to speak out about institutionalised white privilege.

Together with stars like Amandla Stenberg, she now campaigns for body confidence and the recognition of black artists. But, she isn’t just a badass social warrior, she’s also an author, a singer, a dancer, and a clothing designer. So, it’s clear to see that there is a lot more to Zendaya than her hair. On the other hand, we really love it and we want to help you guys steal some of her style tips for yourselves.

It’s time to take a closer look at Zendaya Coleman and work out how she gets her locks to look so fantastic all the time.

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The Dreaded Barbie Doll

So, it makes sense to start with that infamous ‘do from the 2015 Oscars. The scandal really did cause a lot of fuss and trouble for Zendaya, who was only keen to make sure that other young stars weren’t subjected to similar insults. It did result in an unexpected gift though, as a dreadlocked Barbie doll was created in her honour. We think that she wears the style beautifully, particularly as the look shows that you can do a lot with dreads. She’s rocking an intricate sidesweep, partial crown, and glitzy hair beads too. With all of that length, you know that she’s also proving that hair extensions are great for any kind of ‘do.

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The Bold Braids with Big Ideas

On the cover of a recent publication, Zendaya wears a gorgeous half braided updo. It’s unique because there are braids of three sizes here and they’re almost used as hair accessories. She has wound them around her head and face to create texture over the top of a slicked back, wet look style. It’s the angles and lines here that are most important, as evidenced by that super skilled vertical parting. This is a tricky one to replicate all by yourself, but it could be a lot of fun to get the girls round and practice anyway. The addition of a thin crown braid, right at the top of the head, is cute, quirky, and feminine.

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The Fearless Fashion Innovator

The star of Frenemies is known for taking bold (and outrageous) looks to the red carpet. She once turned up at a high profile event in a wacky pants suit and a blonde mullet, which had the media gossiping for weeks. According to Zendaya herself, she has a keen interest in fashion and believes that taking risks is what turns clothing into art. She doesn’t look quite so ‘out there’ in this snap, but we love that she’s gone for such a simple messy bun at such a high profile awards show. It would, literally, take you 5-10 minutes to steal this one; maybe add an extra 10 minutes for putting in your hair extensions.

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The Blonde Bob of the Year

We’ve not been short of celebrity bobs this year, but we reckon Zendaya deserves a mention, simply because she seems to jump back and forth between long and short styles faster than Taylor Swift finds new love. This is one lady who knows how to have fun with her hair and it shows in the plethora of super stylish do’s that she sports. Take this stunning crop, for example, with its honey blonde tones and choppy fringe. It is edgy, easy to maintain, and looks like it makes a great alternative to long, flowing extensions. ‘Cos, with the right clip in extensions, you really do get that choice every day.

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