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Steal her style Stephanie Davis

Former Hollywood actress Stephanie Davis has turned her sights to the radio. Returning to her musical roots after becoming known to the general public on “over the rainbow” she has just released her new single “missin’” on sound cloud. From stage to screen to studio this lovely lady is fabulously talented and always stylish and has already had fans raving about her song. She has had more than one style that has been eye catching over the year. Let’s have a look at some of her most loved styles. It is twice as fun listening to a brilliant song if you can copy it’s creator and look just as amazing!


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Way over the rainbow

She wasn’t crowned as Dorothy in Over the Rainbow but she is a dead ringer for Judy Garland with her red lips and long flowing brunette hair.  If you want to look healthy and on trend with this year’s extra long style these long locks get an A plus. For a bit of extra bounce and flow do what Stephanie has done and add some extra layers on the top half of your head. Plus these layers make it easier to style and draw attention to your eyes. If they are as bright as Stephanie’s, who could blame you?


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Ruby red mane to go with your ruby red shoes Steph?

Stephanie is not feeling shy with her cherry locks here. From natural beauty as a brunette she has decided to add a little spice to her life by donning her cherry do. This style looks amazing on her. Only try it yourself if you have the spunky attitude to match, this is not a look that allows you to blend into the background. Be prepared to use a hair mask ladies dying your hair will make it more than a little dry and weak. Don’t feel bad about thinner hair, just put in your extensions. If you have a lovely deep locks like these you can’t get lazy with styling them. Styling is key to a perfect cherry mane. A 1940’s vintage vibe always makes a great impression with a deep locked and lipped look. If you prefer a more modern style you can either do what Stephanie has done and added loose curls. If they aren’t your cup of tea, extra straight hair is the way to go. Why waste all that fabulous colour?


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Bye bye boring

Goodbye West End, goodbye small screen, Stephanie is ready for the big time. Nothing says pop sensation like a fashionably casual playsuit and ice-blonde hair. It isn’t just the gorgeous colour we love (although it is the perfect match for her peaches and cream complexion) let’s look at this stunning style. Unexpectedly easy to achieve this style is super glamorous. The key to make this style look amazing is to create a deep, sweeping fringe. Matched with a backcombed and high crown and a neatly pinned bun she is putting the purr into perfection!



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