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Steal Her Style – Shay Mitchell

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell was (briefly) the owner of one of the cleverest hairstyles that we’ve ever seen. At the beginning of August, her hair was long and flowing. But then, she posted an Instagram snap of herself wearing the most gorgeous, textured lob and her fans went wild. When she reverted back to that earlier length a couple of days later though, the secret was revealed – Mitchell had used hair extensions to create her choppy look.

Now, it is quite unusual to see hair extensions being used to make tresses shorter, but it’s not surprising, because high quality clip in hair pieces can do pretty much anything. They’re flexible, robust, and very tough. If you have the right amount of imagination, the sky is the limit. So, it is time for you to start experimenting. Want a supermodel bob? Get your extensions out. Want glossy lengths like Jennifer Lopez? Wear your extensions with pride.

We’re going to take a closer look at Shay Mitchell and some of the exciting hairstyles that she’s sported over the last year or so. It must be nice to have a personal stylist though, right?

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The Surprise Lob

We’ll start with that amazing (and totally fake) bob. Check it out and you’ll surely agree that it’s a really cool hairstyle. Shay and her stylist created it by first sectioning off the top part of her tresses. Then, they French braided the rest to make it short and close to the scalp. To disguise the braids, they secured small extensions to the crown. After some serious primping and preening with the curling irons, they were done. And, voila, an effortlessly glamorous bob with none of the commitment. The best thing about this style is that it doesn’t sound all that difficult either. If you follow the instructions given above, you long haired girls with a fear of scissors can try this ‘do too.

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The ‘Go and Put a Ring on It’

The fake lob isn’t the only quirky style that Shay Mitchell has worn lately. This rather unusual braid and ring combo is striking and modern. It looks like something you might see Kate Moss wearing on the catwalk. At its heart though, it’s quite a simple updo. All that she’s done is take a classic Dutch braid and weave it in backwards, so that it leads up to that messy bun. It’s a style that lots of celebs are fond of, but Shay has made it her own with the addition of those unique and glitzy rings. We’re not entirely sure where she found her follicular jewellery, but you could just use cheap imitation gold earrings.

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

The Tall, Tall Ponytail

To a more conventional style now, because there isn’t a female celeb in Hollywood who doesn’t love the tall and twisted pony. It’s a popular look, because it takes what is a very basic style and boosts its glam credentials. By winding hair around the stem of the pony, height is added and its weight is lifted up and off the head. This adds plenty of drama and visual panache. Plus, putting it together is no more difficult than creating a regular ponytail. If you are wearing clip in hair extensions, you’ll benefit from a longer, silkier, and lusher style.

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

The Braids on the Beach

This double braided style is very Kylie Jenner and so is the bikini shot on the beach actually. But, we’ll let her off this time, because we know that Shay Mitchell has just as much talent and promise of her own. The finale of season seven, of Pretty Little Liars, is fast approaching. And, we can’t wait to see if Emily and Paige finally get back together before the whole thing comes to a close. With hair like this, we’re first in line if things don’t work out. That flawless centre parting, those chunky Dutch braids; you can tell that this TV babe puts a lot of time into making sure that her locks look perfect.

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