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Steal her style: Serena Williams

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Let’s be honest, we all think of the Serena sisters a super human tennis playing robots. They epitomise the words unwavering strength and determination. This week Serena did slip up (a feat we didn’t think possible) by accidentally revealing she is pregnant on snapchat! We are over the moon about her good news and it goes to show that we can have whatever we want. This lady is all sport on the court but has surprised many by how glamorous she is. She is the queen of extensions and we love her ever changing red carpet styles. Lets check out some of her best loved styles, so we can steal them of course.

Crimped and cool


No-one could every accuse serena Williams of being boring with this hair. She is all glammed up and crimped out. Her naturally deep chocolate tones mane has been lightened and mixed with bleached extensions (she was smart enough to save her own hair the damage). These lighter colours look amazing with her peach tone lips she has kept this stylish look low key by creating a thin side fringe and throwing the rest into a textured half up, half down look. It is so easy yet so amazing!


All hail the tri-toned Fringe

Cliphair Extensions

If you are going to add a fringe, make it a statement fringe. Yes she has gone for a fairly standard eye sweeping fringing but she has tailored so perfectly to her hairstyle and outfit that it is really making a huge statement. If you want to get the ultra thick hair look like Serena has, use her trick and place your clip in fringe a bit further back. This makes it so much easier to blend and gives you the look of a fuller head of hear. Serena has made some wise choices with her colours and they compliment her red outfit beautifully. If you have bolder coloured outfit a tri colour pack of extensions will be your best friend, with auburn, chocolate and honey shades this is will suit any naturally brunette gal and make her look pop.


Everyday sleek and sassy

Cliphair Extensions

If these out there looks are not really to you taste this long, straight and sleek look will be. A much more natural look this is definitely the day look appropriate for any office or official occasion. The best part is that because it is so neutral you can add some more bold extensions to blend and turn this day into a rocking night look. We all know that blending is the key to any straight hairstyle (and makeup for that matter). To make use that it blends properly straighten your hair and add a good quality serum to make sure it is as sleek as your extensions. Then ass your extensions from the bottom in rows going up to the crown of your head. Brushing and spraying with an alcohol free hairspray is key to kept it blended all day long.


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