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Steal her style: Selena Gomez edition

Steal her style: Selena Gomez edition
Authored By Katie O' Connor

It is official, Selena Gomez has the most Instagram followers of 2019! she has had a tough time but now she is looking like she is on top. That, on top of her obvious talent and beauty, has landed her with some really dedicated followers and fans. She has come a long way from the Disney Channel even executive producing Netflix hit ’13 reasons why’ so today I want to show off some of her best looks. You will not be disappointed and will definitely be inspired so keep reading so you can steal her style #wearcliphair.

Fun and fresh

We all know Selena has a happy go lucky side to her personality so this look is no surprise. I love the nod to the ’80s with her colourful playsuit and sneakers. She is embracing her natural gorgeous curly texture. When you embrace your texture like Selena it makes a really cute messy bun, just remember to add some product to your face-framing strands to finish the look.


Wet and cool

This look is definitely the stark contrast to the last style. Say goodbye to colour and lightness, this look is all about edginess and a dark attitude. Whether you are chilling with friends or going for a workout, this style is bound to get you some attention. Her hair absolutely rocks! It steals the show and amplifies the style from every day to editorial. This wet look is laid back and high end all at once. Just make sure you have more than a little gel.

Sexy waves

This style is full of passion and punk. It is a style that is super popular right now and looks good on literally everyone. Selena is super lucky as she has naturally thick hair but ever superstars fake it. This look will naturally make your hair look thicker but, unsurprising it looks the best with thick locks. This is my favourite style and, even with shoulder-length hair, my Cliphair extensions are a must.

Show worthy locks

Selena amps up everything when she has a show. That includes her style. This style may be too much for an everyday style but it is perfect for the stage. If you want to emulate some of this look then try and incorporate small rope braids to your style. This will give you a gorgeous boho vibe without doing much.


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