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Steal her style Rita Ora

This pop goddess has sung and acted her way into our hearts after she rose to popularity in 2012 with her song hot right now. She is currently working un a hotly anticipated and performed at the Brits so this year is her year. She has always come across as laid back and stylish so it is no wonder that I have found so many of you that love her style too. Keep reading to find out how to steal her style.



clip in har extensions-rita-ora-sexy-updo


Sexy updo

This lovely lady does not do anything by half so it is not shock that this low pin looks incredibly hot and ready for a night out. Launching a lipstick may have been the reason she is all dressed up but it is not just the lippy that makes her look fierce. Her caramel hue hair is perfect in complimenting her dark lips and her hairstyle is a perfect mixture of formal at the front and casual at the back. An easy 5 minute look create a centre parting. Add a little serum to your hair and twist you hair near the nape of your neck. Wind it around itself to create a loose bun. It doesn’t matter if there is strands sticking out. Make sure your pull out some strands to frame your face and you are done.


clip in har extensions-rita-ora-edgy-bob


Edgy bob

Not everyone will be able to pull this look off but Rita sure can. Her bleach blonde blunt cut bob is an amazing statement. She had just found out she was on the world’s tunes so why wouldn’t she want the world to look at her. If you want to get this look, go to the hairdresser and get a snip. If you went with last year’s trend and have already got a bob you may not have a fringe. To make you hair more versatile I would say don’t trim it, fake it. Fringe extensions are becoming increasingly popular and it easy to see why. Fringes can transform the way you look so easily so do what Rita has done and get your hands on your fringe extensions.


clip in har extensions-rita-ora-double-dutch-braid



Double dutch braids

These have been so popular over the past year and we can see Rita loves them as well. These are perfect if you have second day hair or a bad hair day. Split your hair in half then divide each half into three sections. Each of yours sections will interweave, out and around each other to make your dutch braid. It doesn’t matter if you have some loose strands, it all adds to the individuality. If you want to have a good looking hairstyle for the gym, look no longer.


clip in har extensions-rita-ora-casual-updo



Casual updo

If you are being lazy with your curling and you cannot be bothered making sure all the curls are even, don’t sweat it. Throw in some clip in hair extensions to make your hair look luscious, this will make your curls look natural. You can then twist it int and upward direction and pin it to your head, letting the ends flop over loosely.

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