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Steal her style-Nathalie Emmanuel

“I have seen you ignore councillors because there was a better choice, one only you could see”. Gosh, Nathalie is good. Yes ok, it was written by the GOT writers but it was delivered impeccably. Yoga bunny, model and actress best known for her role as Missandei in Game of Thrones. This Essex girl is not short of talent, confidence and style. She loves to rock a natural look and I totally admire that about her. If you are in love with her curls as much as I am and want to create them yourself have a look at our chopstick curl tutorial, don’t forget to use your Cliphair extensions so your locks look as lovely and voluminous as Nathalie’s. When you have stolen Nathalie’s style and created your awesome looks #wearcliphair to show off your style.

Golden glory
Nathalie looks incredible in this all golden dress! It a mixture of glamorous with the fabric and more relaxed with the string like straps. That mixture of glam and relaxed is that perfect match for Nathalie’s hair. Her curls are so relaxed and natural yet each curl looks perfectly formed like it could have been created using a curler (I’m not jealous or anything ). when you have so much lovely hair like this it is much more about looking after your curls. When they are healthy they will stay looking fabulous naturally.


Strike a pose
Nathalie is bringing out her dramatic side with this Instagram shot. The leopard print skirt and loose t-shirt is the perfect way to look fashionable without looking too dressed up. I am in love with this ultra high tight curl ponytail. If you are trying to achieve this yourself need extra oomph clip in your Cliphair extensions around your hair tie and add another hair tie at the base to conceal the clips. It doesn’t need to be perfect so don’t be afraid to dig in with your finger and ruffle your hair around. You can even add some texture spray to the ends to give it a casual, undone feel.


The curly bob
We all know that wavy bobs have been in for a couple of years now and so have long, tight curls. It is not surprising that when you put the two styles together it looks great. They are a fine balance between how many products you use on your hair with this style. You obviously want your hair protected and moisturised but you don’t want to weigh your curls down at all. Sprays, as opposed to serums or mousses, are key to get the right balance. The Cliphair sprays are great and smell divine as well so you will have the right amount of moisture and save money on perfume.


Rocking accessories
No matter if your hair is naturally curly or you are trying it out for the day, it can feel hot and heavy around your ears. Putting your hair up is a great option but if you still want to make the look a little bit special on a beautiful multi-coloured headband and you will be a show stopper.

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