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Steal Her Style – Natalie Dormer

With the sixth season of Game of Thrones set to drop in April, it’s no surprise to find that all eyes are on the warrior queens of the show. There is one in particular, however, who has been taking her newfound role as a heroine to movie theatres too. As tattooed district rebel, Cressida, in the Hunger Games franchise, actress Natalie Dormer has been taken to the hearts of fantasy fans.

The role could not be more different from that of Margaery Tyrell, who she plays in GoT, but the two characters do share one important trait; their determination to get what they want. Whilst Margaery might not be an action hero, she is an expert at convincing people to take her side. It just remains to be seen whether her intentions are as pure as those of Capitol defector Cressida. One thing is for sure; Natalie Dormer turns both characters into absolute bombshell beauties.

To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones, the ClipHair Style Team take a closer look at the best hairstyles rocked by this blue eyed babe.

The Farrah Fawcett Bounce

To start, we have this classic sixties style wave. It works wonderfully with Dormer’s honey blonde tones and brings to mind the popular Farrah Fawcett ‘do worn in Charlie’s Angels. These glamorous curls can be replicated in a number of different ways, depending on how you prefer to wear your own hair. They do, however, always look best with a good bit of length behind them. For girls with shorter locks, clip in extensions can add volume and length which looks completely natural to anybody who does not know your secret!

The Ice Blonde Lob

Ever since her unforgettable introduction on Game of Thrones – she made waves as the beautiful young wife of feuding king Renly Baratheon – Natalie Dormer has been a style icon for many. Her laidback demeanour, cool chick attitude, and dedication to her work (even if it means drastic change) have all endeared her to fans around the world. This super cool ‘lob’ look was the start of quite an edgy transformation for the actress. It is a little bit rock, a little bit catwalk, and a lot of glamorous. For an insatiably sexy style, spritz your tresses with sea salt spray and head out wearing heavy eyeliner.

The Dramatic Undercut

When Dormer showcased the dramatic undercut worn by Cressida, in Mockingjay, you could almost hear the adoring sigh from fashion fans. It is such a bold look, but one which the star manages to make her own. With one side of her head entirely shaved and the other left long, slightly wavy, and blonde, the actress spawned a thousand copycat looks. We know that this punk rock style is not for everybody, but we cannot help but love it anyway. If you are feeling brave, try it for yourself; Dormer often flips her hair over the shaved side to hide the undercut when she wants a change of style.

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The Margaery Tyrell

If the Cressida ‘do has become iconic, so too has the Margaery Tyrell braid. This loose and relaxed style is defined by a soft braid wound around the back of the head. It is one of the few occasions on which we get to see Dormer with darker hair and it suits her just as wonderfully. As the wronged Queen of Westeros, she keeps the look simple, with a gentle curl and a soft centre parting. If you want to steal this look for yourself, use an 18 inch clip in extension to add length; then, use medium sized rollers to introduce delicate curls.

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