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Steal her style: Mischa Barton’s modern vintage look

We are hearing lots of information from Mischa Barton’s people about her recent hospitalisation and love from her on twitter thanking her fans “Thank you so much for all the love guys. It means the world to me. There is too much going on in the world so I appreciate this more than ever.” so it is such a relief she has recovered and is looking better than ever. This lovely lady has worked as a sensational actress, model and designer! If you are feeling a little untalented in comparison, you aren’t alone. What makes us even more jealous is her perfect blend of english rose beauty and American sass. Let’s have a look at one of her more recent style triumphs and emulate that beauty ourselves!




Second day zone

For years Mischa Barton has been know for her soft Californian beach waves as her O.C. character, Marissa Cooper, but 2017 has revealed a much edgier side to her style. This hair style requires a lot of twisting, pinning and braiding so for the greatest grip try this look on second day hair. If your hair is too smooth or on day three (it happens to the best of us) put in a little dry shampoo and no one will know.




Divide and conquer

The first step to this stunning style is dividing your hair into three sections, use the centre of your eyebrows as a guide. Tie the middle section up in a ponytail so it is out of the way. The key for this look is in this simple step. It may seem completely unimportant at the moment but having these lines dead straight will help you with your next step and make it so much easier. Using the end of a comb will be your best friend for this.





Braid two ways

This is the some what tricky part. Start with your right section and separate a few pieces at the top into three parts. Start creating your thin french braid by folding one of your outer parts over your centre part. Repeat this until you have made three to four rows then start to incorporate strands from near your temple into your french braid. Continue your french braid until it is behind your ear. Once in is behind your ear start to angle your braid into the centre. Now to link this to your second glamorous braid. Mischa is reported to have added some 2 inch clip in extensions to secure the end of her french braids and help create lovely thick twist braids. Divide your extension into two, incorporating the end of your french braid and twist the sections around each other. Secure at the end with a clear hair tie and repeat on the other side.




The final touch

Now we have our sides sorted it is time to let your middle section down. This is the loosest of the three sections and should drape effortlessly over the braids. This can easily be brushed into place and held with alcohol free hairspray. To ensure that your extensions are concealed pop in some hair pins just above it. To add that Barton glam finish lightly curl the ends of your middle section to entwine with your killer braids to make this look rock!



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