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Steal Her Style – Miley Cyrus

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

If there’s one celebrity in Hollywood who can be counted upon to shock and surprise, it’s Miley Cyrus. This babe has come a long way since her days as Disney favourite Hannah Montana, and it hasn’t always been a smooth ride either. For many years, Cyrus battled the media and their constant attempts to paint her as a wild child and a bad role model.

Every time she appeared in the headlines it was as a former child star ‘gone off the rails’, yet Cyrus is a great example of a young celebrity who has stayed true to herself, even while growing up in the spotlight. She’s frequently loud, lewd, and controversial, but she’s also very open about her views on nudity, sexuality, and gender fluidity.

She also changes her hairstyle as often as she changes her clothes, so there are lots of amazing moments to choose from!

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The Big, Blonde Bangs

It looks like Miley has toned her hair down just recently, because the neon pinks and blues are nowhere to be seen. She’s also growing her locks out, so they’re in that awkward stage. Fortunately though, there are plenty of ways to make a shorter cut stand out. Take this gorgeous big bangs and curls look; it is super feminine and would look great teamed with minimal makeup and a cute summer dress. Miley is wearing her hair in an updo here, but you could take the style further and add hair extensions for extra length. Then, wear them soft and tousled; steer clear of straightening irons for this one, because the gentle waves make it.

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The Celebrity Yogi

For many years, Miley Cyrus has praised the virtues of a holistic lifestyle. Despite having a reputation as a party animal, the singer is a vegan and an enthusiastic yogi. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of different poses, positions, and yoga moves. Never one to let a fancy hairstyle get in the way of a workout, Cyrus usually draws her peroxide locks into a messy ballerina bun. It’s a much softer and more delicate style than she’s used to sporting on stage, but it’s nice to know that superstars love low maintenance styles as much as we do. The ballerina bun is an easy and practical choice for your next gym session.

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The Double Buns

Miley Cyrus might be singlehandedly responsible for bringing back the double bun. She’s awfully fond of this ‘cute as pie’ style, which is interesting considering her raunchy antics both on and off the stage. It’s another low maintenance look though, so you should be able to get it right in a matter of minutes. The style really suits shorter cuts, but you can still make it work with longer locks. In fact, you might want to take a little inspiration from Kendall Jenner and combine your double buns with your clip in hair extensions, for a quirky and characteristic half up half down style.

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The Major Exhibitionist

We couldn’t talk about Miley Cyrus without mentioning one of her wilder looks, even if she has gone a little more demure for summer 2016. This bouncy candyfloss pink wig is the perfect representation of everything that the Wrecking Ball star stands for. It’s big, bold, and about as colourful as an afternoon at Disneyland. Thankfully, you can experiment with exciting shades without dying your entire head bright pink. For an easy way to dip your toe into the crazy world of neon highlights, why not experiment with highlighted clip in hair extensions?.

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