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Steal her style- Mila Kunis

Authored By Katie O' Connor

From Black Swan to Bad Moms there is no denying Mila Kunis is an incredible actress. She is great is darker stories but fantastic in comedy too, she was even the voice of several characters (mainly Meg Griffin) in Family Guy for almost 20 years. I love her sense of style and if you don’t know her story and how strong she is, you have to look up her bio. If you like fluffy animals you will love the new animation she completed called Wonder Park. Whether she is on a talk show or on set she always looks great, let’s look at some of her best looks from Instagram so we can steal her style.


The belle of the ball

This is such a stunning romantic look Mila Kunis almost looks like a classic Disney princess with this style. She has always opted for wavy hair no matter what length her locks actually are. If you want to add even more texture try spritzing some salt spray on your hair and make sure you conceal the bobby pins under the twists.


Twin braid action

I love double (or twin) braids as part of a casual look. They are fun and super good if you are going to be doing any physical work. Mila has gone for the wet look style with these braids, which makes them more interesting. I love how shiny these tight braids are and the deep side part transforms this style from something you see every day. This is definitely a look I am going to try next time I see my friends.


Stepford wives style

This look screams day out with the girl or a yacht party if you are lucky enough to be invited on one. If you are heading into summer this is a brilliant look that will look brilliant with some hair extensions at your crown to achieve the full effect. Nothing says luxury like silky full hair.


Daring Kunis

This style couldn’t be more of a polar opposite. Whilst the last style was sophisticated Bridget Bardot vibe this look is all about being modern, edgy and turning up the heat. Structured perfect waves are not unusual for Mila but she has embraced her darker side by turning her hair an even darker chocolate brown and adding a clip in fringe. This is such an easy way to transform your look and wow want an impact.


Diva pose

I feel like Madonna’s Vogue was playing whilst this picture was being taken, Mila certain is striking one hell of a pose. She looks like a modern Greek goddess in her gathered, off the shoulder cream gown. This style may look classic from the neck down but her hair turns the look from pretty to high fashion worthy. She once again dons a deep side part and a carefully brushed bun. You will need to wash your comb a few times as it will have a bit of wax residue at the end but I think the end definitely justifies the means.


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