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Steal her style Meghan Markle

From Suits to princess Meghan knows how to steal everyone’s heart. She was the top google searched woman last year and her popularity seems to only be increasing this year. This women’s rights activity, actress and soon to be royal highness. We think she is so beautiful as well as clearly being incredibly intelligent and talented so it is great to be able to show you some of her looks so you can steal her style.


The easy chic twist

This is the style that makes people think that Meghan is effortlessly stylish. It looks so easy and it actually is considering how great it looks. The key is the side parting. It adds that extra depth at the front of your hair to make your hair look thick and luxurious. Brush your hair back twist it and pin it against your head. To get that special touch pull out some strands around your temples. This is perfect for a day to night look, even if you don’t have a stylist team like Meghan.



Slick and sexy
who turned up the temperature? Meghan looks sizzling in this photoshoot. I think she looks more like the queen of hearts than a future princess but who wouldn’t want to show off a bit when you look this stunning. If you are wearing a lovely little black dress like this one and some sultry red lips this slicked back, the centre-parted ponytail is an amazing choice. If like Meghan, you don’t have naturally dead straight locks make sure your add some protecting hair serum before your straighten those locks.

A do fit for a princess
Since announcing her relationship with Prince Harry she has stepped her hair styling up a notch.this is a classic princess-perfect style. Once again she has opted for a side parting to emphasise her stunning hair and show off her eyes. The keyword for this style curls. You want them big and full of volume. Make sure that you are generous with your hairspray so that it all stays in place whilst you go to rule the town.

A modern twist
This style is a little different from her princess look. She looks edgy, stylish and modern looking with this white dress and laid back waves. She wore this is 2015 press party in New York and we know she was the bell of the ball. You can do this with heat product but I always think they end up looking too manicured unless you go for a heatless option. I love heatless waves and always start the night before so I don’t have to get up super early in the morning. Damp hair with some hair mousse is what you will start with and create the parting you want to and create some basic braids to sleep in. when you wake up your hair will be dry so undo your braid and run your fingers through your waves and they will look fabulous.

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