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Steal her style Mariah Carey

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

You may know her for her 90’s Christmas R’n’B and pop ballads but the “all I want for Christmas is you” singer recently brought the house down when honouring her good friend, the late George Michael. She was obviously moved by emotion but soldiered on to sing “One more Try” in Dubai to the delight of fans and mourners. She not only sang sensationally but looked like a boss babe doing so. This lady doesn’t seem to be able to age or look anything less than perfect when she steps out of the house. Let’s check out her style and look as much of a diva as Mariah.




Damp to glam

Mariah had an 80’ and early 90’s hair throwback for her performance, which we are sure, reflected the period Michael was best known for. This look is all about perfecting layers so it is best to start with highly moisturised wet hair. Spritz some alcohol free hair serum on the ends for extra heat-protect some mousse for extra bounce and hold. If you are someone that particularly suffers with flat looking hair you may want to scrunch it in at the roots for extra body.




Defuse for fun

Now you have prepared, it is time to turn up the heat and start styling. Using a defuser at the end of your hairdryer is a must if you have naturally curly hair or extra dry hair as it allow the heat to be distributed more evenly and, therefore, damages you less. If you have never used one before, all good, scrunch up u small section of your hair and place it on the defuser and let it dry. It really helps keep they natural wave too. Repeat all over your head until you hair is dry. The scrunching up acting really encourages your hair to curl without taking ages.







Define your top layer

We all know with cork screw curls it is the top layer that needs to be the most perfect and therefore requires the most attention. Your hair may be lovely and curling on the underneath but we now need the tight curls for the top. Scrunch you hair up with mousse then grab your curling iron. If you have a chop stick iron brilliant, if not make sure you use the thinnest section of the barrel. Take small sections of hair and twist them before wrapping them around your barrel. Keep going until you top layer looks full bodied and spectacular.






Keeping it big and fabulous

To add the oomph from the bottom pop in some curly extensions around the lower half of your hair for diva worthy length. This look will turn heads but we also want it to be durable so make sure you spray some alcohol free hair spray on your locks, and don’t forget to do it on all sections, curls can fall easily especially exposed to British wind. Depending on your face shape you may want to part this style in different ways, Mariah’s heart shaped face suits her centre parting amazingly.

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