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Steal Her Style – Margot Robbie

The beautiful Margot Robbie is currently starring as Jane in the big screen live action version of Legend of Tarzan. The adaptation looks pretty dark and moody, but it still doesn’t have a patch on her other upcoming project, Suicide Squad – which is the one that we’re all really excited about. It actually feels like forever ago that the movie was first announced and we’ve been waiting a long time to see Robbie don those famous candyfloss pigtails.

It’s also been confirmed that the actress will star in and produce a solo movie about Harley Quinn as well, so she’s going to be pretty busy for the next couple of years. No matter how many projects she juggles, we bet her hair will look flawless in all of them. She was a designer label dream in Wolf of Wall Street and her tresses were just as captivating in Focus too. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, this Aussie star always gets it right.

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The High Fashion Updo

Margot recently graced the cover of Australian magazine Oyster and she looked stunning, with a windswept high fashion updo. After such a long time with a bob, it’s nice to see the actress getting the chance to play around with her hair. If you are in a similar situation, you can always cheat your way to a longer look by wearing hair extensions. Then, you can recreate this ‘I’m so cool, I modelled my hair on a birds nest’ style. For a more practical version, try tucking the ends underneath your ballerina bun and wearing it tighter in the back.

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The Baddest Girl

When it comes to iconic hairstyles, Margot Robbie really impresses, because she’s managed to make her ‘do in Suicide Squad a fashion statement before the movie has even been released! It’s a pretty bold look, but you can’t expect anything less from the baddest girl on screen. With her red and blue pastel pigtails and matching eyes, Harley Quinn is the perfect combination of fun and ass. And, as it looks like the movie version is a lot tamer than the comic book hairstyle, there’s no reason that this bold dip dyed style can’t be rocked for real.

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The Girl Next Door

The star of Legend of Tarzan turned up to watch the London Marathon this year. After spending many years living in New York City, Robbie upped sticks and permanently relocated to London, so she’s probably a seasoned spectator by now. This curly, messy updo is the perfect way to look fierce, while also blending in to the crowd. It’s feminine, soft, and pretty much effortless. To steal it for yourself, wear your hair extensions while you sleep. Tie them up into a French braid and then take it out in the morning; you’ll be left with wonderfully romantic and tumbling waves.

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The Glamourpuss

With so many movies and projects to promote, it’s no surprise that Margot Robbie has been a regular at press junkets and Hollywood events just recently. This subtlety wavy look is a good example of how her hair has changed over the last few years. It looks like that sharp bob has finally grown out and been replaced with a more simple and timeless style. The just off centre parting gives the hair lots of definition and encourages it to fall gracefully around her features. It’s fresh and cute, even while being very simple.

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