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Steal her style Margot Robbie

Have you heard the rumours of Margot Robbie’s massive transformation in order to play Ice- skater Tonya Harding? No? Well let’s just say there are prosthetics and unflattering frizzy hair involved. Trust us when we say that the normal images we see of Margot are far more flattering. Don’t worry we are not going to show you how to get the Tonya version we are, instead going to show you how she gets her lovely mid-length waves. If you have been having your eye on the red carpet of late you will have seen her rocking this beach babe style which looks stunning.

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Wash that grease right out of your hair

That’s right ladies this style starts with wonderfully washed hair that has been deep treated with a good quality hair mask. Having silky hair with a nice shine is the key to this look. It should look carefree and effortless but totally enviable. Smooth some serum throughout your hair, from roots to tips, to help give the waves shine and help set while your hair dries.


Centre partings and braids


Part your hair in the middle. Use a fishtail comb to help you part it vertically straight down to the base of the neck. Secure one of your 2 sections whilst you work on the other. Gather a small amount of hair near the part at the roots. Now separate it into three strands and start your french braid, gathering small strands of hair and add it to the braid as you go down. Secure the end with a clear elastic band and repeat on the other side.




Time to reveal the waves of a beach babe

Now you have to play the waiting game whilst your hair dries and set as waves in your french braid (the perfect time to have dinner and to apply flawless makeup). If your hair takes a long time to dry be prepared and start this style the night before you need this perfect look. On average most hair takes about four hours to dry. Once you are sure they are dry it is time to loosen the braids. When you are taking your hair out you don’t want to mess the curls up so gently. If your hair is naturally thin, it is easy for this style to look lifeless and just messy, so colour match your hair and add some volume with some clip in extensions.  remove the soft ties and loosen the stitches use your fingers to separate the strands, like you would undo shoe laces, rather than running your finger through your curls. A good way of making sure that your waves blend without messing them up is to flip your hair forward and then back again so they sit in place naturally. To complete this look we need to add some alcohol free hairspray or mouse. This is essential to hold your lovely curls, particularly if you have naturally straight hair. Don’t be afraid to use a fair bit as these curls tend to loosen throughout the day.

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