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Steal her style Mackenzie Foy edition

Authored By Katie O' Connor


If you are a Twilight fan you will know Mackenzie as the adorable Renesmee Cullen. Guess what ladies? Mackenzie is all grown up and this model and actress is fast becoming a major star. She is in the new movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms which is set to be a Christmas hit. If you have not seen pictures of her recently she looks incredible and, not surprisingly, is into fashion in a big way. Her Instagram is like a series of professional photoshoots. I have chosen my favourite pictures so you can check out and steal her style. #wearcliphair


The red carpet look

Mackenzie is not a stranger to the red carpet or the catwalk. She has opted for simple elegance in this look. The Thor Ragnarok Premiere is an event to dress up for but that doesn’t mean long ball gowns and uncomfortable styles. Mackenzie’s pale pink top and trousers and sky blue clutch add the perfect about of fun whilst her long high ponytail adds a level of sophistication. Hair extensions are the perfect way to turn the everyday ponytail into this level of glamour.


Perfect for print

This almost doesn’t look like Mackenzie, it is so different from her normal laid back style. When you are wearing different outfits you get to take on the different attitude of the new clothes, that is exactly what Mackenzie has done here. Bold coloured clothes need a bold attitude and hairstyle to match. This look is primarily made of finger waves that have been tussled so they don’t look in place and perfect. It may take a while to create but if you want something a little bit dramatic, it is definitely worth spending the time to perfect this look. Don’t forget to add hairspray.


Simple yet intricate

Not every style has to be made for a high fashion event. Even if you are just heading to the markets on the weekend or seeing some friends after work, you want to look good. This is one of the styles that looks great from day to night. It looks great if your hair is curly or straight. What makes it intricate? The four small braids that you create near your temples and behind your ears. Bringing these together and connecting them not only helps you keep your hair out of your face but looks great from all angles. If you are looking for a heat free look to rock this month, try this one.


Rocking that 60’s vibe

If you are going for a night out, this look is definitely a winner. I particularly love it with darker hair. Whatever your hair colour is, what makes this look amazing is the body and the shape. A deep part is required for this style. There is a bit of teasing at the roots and hairspray required but it looks sensational with some decorative earrings and a cute dress. This photo goes to prove, even with your winter coat, this hairstyle rocks.

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