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Steal her style: Louisa Johnson

Louisa Johnson is back and set to steam up our online youtube searches with her latest music video.  The X Factor winner has described the video as ‘It’s quite flirty and very fun at the same time. It’s quite up tempo so you can dance to it,’  although the single is named Best Behaviour this shoot sounds like it was anything but. Shot in a desert outside LA this pop princess looks like she and her friends were embracing the heat and having the time of their lives. If you wish you were somewhere warmer and more carefree this music video will give you major location envy. Let’s have a look at some of her best looks and be has big a party icon as Louisa.


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Disco desert rock babe

We love the ultra-cool ice queen meets desert princess vibe Louisa has here.  A sassy outfit and ice blonde hair is the perfect combination for the party season. The best thing about this style is her fishtail. Nothing says ‘ready for anything’ like this incredible style. If you haven’t tried this before, where have you been? We are not  going to lie it takes a little practice but after one of two times you will be able to do it without looking in a mirror. If you want them as thick as Louisa’s thick fishtail then clip in those extensions and get party ready! The perfect style to do on the way to the office or to a party.



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Beach waves for a desert dweller

It seems almost crazy to call this style the beach babe waves when Louisa is in the middle of the desert but that’s the name of the style. It looked like she has taken off some of her length and added some width. We love that the brilliant fishtail style actually helped her to create these gorgeous waves. If you are wanting to go from fishtails in the day to waves in the evening then spritz your fishtail with some alcohol free hairspray so you lovely shape is held with durability.


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Love that backstage look

Look how beautiful Louisa looks when she isn’t on set! This look is so easy and low key but it a classic and slays very time. This can look high class or casual, is is all in the way you dress it. The key to rocking this style is to ass a bit of oomph on the top of your crown. So lightly backcomb your roots and before sweeping your hair back. If you want to copy this look exactly then make your sides a little tighter than your top. For that little bit of extra detail take a few strands of hair from your beautifully curled ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie. To secure just pin it underneath with a hair pin the same colour as your hair. This turns an average ponytail into something special. Don’t forget to run over your crown with a hairspray coated toothbrush to banish those fly aways.

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