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Steal her style Lily James

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Downton Abby to Mama Mia is there nothing Lily James can’t do? This blonde bombshell has gone from small screen to big time and rocked each role with a cheeky smile and a gorgeous hairstyle. No matter if she is pretending to be a Russian peasant of a princess that has lost her slipper she always looks fashionable (thank you Hollywood). so today we are going to look for some of Lily’s hottest looks so you can steal her style.



The lion’s mane
I love this style because it is so full and full of drama. Add some hair extensions, texture spray and teased roots and you will get this gorgeous lion’s mane. If you want to get in touch with your wild side this is a great way to start.


Mama Mia bohemian flavour
Being one of the stars of the newly released Mama Mia film suits lily. You may not want to sport a feather boa around with you every day but these gorgeous beach waves are a different story. The best thing is you don’t even need to do much just damped your hair scrunch in mousse, braid it and wait for it to dry. What better way to look great whilst being a dancing queen (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun).


Royal crown
Lily James may not be at the Cinderella premiere but she sure is giving off a royal vibe in her silver and blue caped gown and white heels. What makes this outfit complete is her hairstyle. It is a deceptively simple half-up style but her stylists are not silly. They have created a shape both with the volume at the crown and flow at the back to mirror what the dress is doing. This is a brilliant way to make your style romantic and ultra feminine.



The casual chignon
Chignons are usually styles that we associate with ultra high class. This version is still classy but not nearly as pretentious because of the texture. It softens the style so much and looks really pretty with some face-framing strands left out. The best thing about this look is you can leave a few strands out and it will still be classified as smart casual, which means you can wear it anywhere and at any time. So no matter if you are hitting the red carpet or a picnic this is one to try.



The perfect holiday style
This picture is funny because you look at just Lily’s messy bun and think, “she is just like us” but then you look at the rest of the picture and think “oh, my mistake”. The fact is whether you are lucky enough to be going away to a tropical island on vacation or just having a staycation messy buns are the perfect way to enjoy fun activities and stay cool. If you want them to look a little more special why not try adding a braid at the front, back or around the base of the bun.


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