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Steal Her Style – Kim Kardashian

The original Kardashian has had a big twelve months – in more ways than one. Yes, 2014 was another interesting and explosive year for the Kim that all we love to obsess over. There was a new baby to dress up, and dress her up she did. If you have ever seen a toddler quite as glamorous as baby North West, we would like to know about it. There was a wedding, and boy was it a big one.

In fact, is there anything Kim Kardashian does that isn’t styled out with a bombast and flair that most of us would love to be able to replicate? She got wed in style, she shed her baby weight in style, and she never rocks a new haircut that isn’t worth a headline or ten. In 2014, Kim Kardashian broke the internet, and became one of the most instantly recognisable faces on the planet.

So, how about we teach you how to steal a few of her tricks? Here at ClipHair, we simply cannot get enough of Kim Kardashian’s ever changing look, and we love knowing that there is always another daring new hairstyle just around the corner. For style conscious gals, who want to get in on the action, this is a guide to some of our favourite styles, all rocked by the bootylicious lady herself.

The Cute Side Braid

The best thing about Kim is that she doesn’t always have to go over the top – when she does, it always looks amazing – but she is more than capable of pulling off subtler styles too. This cute side braid is the perfect example, as it adds a super feminine accent to what would otherwise be a fairly standard look for this flawless big sister. The length of her locks adds a soft and romantic vibe, which keeps the style from becoming too twee. If you want to steal this style, you do not have to do much more than pick up one of our clip in extension pieces (extra-long, of course), and attach it gently just before a big night out or a shopping trip with the girls.

Cute Side Braid

you can view this image here

The Bombshell Blowout

We couldn’t put together a blog on Kim’s best hairstyles without mentioning this epic look worn at the Grammy Awards. Once again, the beauty has kept her signature style familiar – she is awfully fond of the tousled sex kitten look, after all – but the added detail is something very special indeed. Yes, those are shimmering gold highlights, and yes we do plan to whip these out for the next big party. Like the dazzling diva that she is, Kim has resisted the urge to go too far with this all out style, choosing to stick to just a few choice accents. It works wonderfully, framing her round features and adding that softness that some of her more out there looks can lack.

shimmering golden highlightsKim soft curls

you can view these images here and here

The Sleek & Shiny Cleopatra

Whilst Kimmy K does seem to prefer her locks with a slight curl, especially on the red carpet, she really dazzles when she gets the straightening irons out. This exotic dark eyed, dark haired Cleopatra-esque hairstyle suits her down to the ground, because she has fairly cat like features anyway. If you want to steal this style, you will have to grab yourself a set of our 18 or 20 inch Remy extension pieces. Whilst it is safe to use curling irons on these hair pieces if necessary, you can just save yourself some time and rock a ready styled set of clip ins – they are perfect for creating a super special look without also having to invest a couple of hours in its creation.

Sleek & Shiny Cleopatra

you can view this image here

The Sixties Beehive

This is a style that Kim has only sported a couple of times, but we think that it is one of her best. For a gal who is rarely seen without a gorgeous set of super long extensions, she sure does suit an updo. A beehive like this one can be quite hard to achieve, so you might want to enlist the help of a friend for the first time that you try it. Also, make sure that you have plenty of coloured hairgrips (the closest match to your own tresses, or use clear grips) and plenty of hairspray – and we mean plenty. It is also a good idea to take a little advice from Kim herself, and abstain from washing your hair every single day. It is healthy for hair to build up a little natural oil, and it will make putting together styles like this a lot easier, we promise.

Sixties Beehive

you can view this image here

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