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Steal Her Style – Kendall Jenner

Nobody could accuse the Kardashian family of being boring. Or shy. However, there’s one member of the celeb clan who seems less keen to hit the headlines than the rest. For years now, Kendall Jenner has moved away from the dubious label of ‘reality show star’ and carved out a career for herself as a top supermodel.

She’s gracious, humble, and reluctant to get involved with high profile spats; three things that are quite unusual for a Kardashian. So, it wasn’t a surprise when she did exactly the opposite to sister Khloe and didn’t go in hard and heavy on the Taylor vs. Kim and Kanye spat. We think the decision to play it cool will work in her favour, even though it’s clear that we haven’t seen the last of this epic beef yet.

In honour of the shyest Kardashian and her role as a fashion maven, we’re going to take a closer look at some of her best hairstyles. And, we’ll show you how to steal them too, using hair extensions.

The Ponytail Princess

Just a few months ago, Kendall wowed in a beautiful white Balmain dress, at the Met Gala. It was a little racy, what with all of those cut out sections, so we’re glad that she kept things simple with her hair. The supermodel opted for a classic ponytail, in a slick and sleek fashion. It has a lovely length and every stray hair has been gelled into place, which is what you need to do if you’d like to steal it. This is the kind of ‘do that works best when worn either casually or in full on glamourpuss mode. So, if you’re heading out to a party, get that wet look hair gel out and start uncovering your catwalk potential.

The Bubble Busting Pony

Now, it kind of seems like Kendall has made the ponytail her signature look. Just as sister Kylie has her crazy pastel colours and family nemesis Taylor Swift has her ice blonde bob, Kendall is fond of this hairstyle classic. She did it update it recently though, in a way that made fans positively sigh with envy. The bubble pony is quite simple and it can be put together in minutes. Plus, if you wear clip in extensions, it will be easier to create. All you have to do is wear a regular pony, with the hair tied off in sections. Then, pull out the sections until they are rounded and ‘bubble’ shaped.

The High Brow Bun

This kooky and super high bun is perfect for a model at a glitzy event. It suits Kendall very well, because she’s balanced out that height with a more practical fringe. That contrast between the carefully structured updo and the almost casual feathered bangs is what makes the look so special. It’s elevated above the standard ‘day on the high street’ bun, because the length of her hair gives it extra roundness and body. This means that you’ll also need a decent bit of length to do it justice. Fortunately, you can fake it with clip in hair extensions. Just wind them around the base of your pony, before tucking the ends neatly underneath.

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The Lost in Translation

If you’ve ever seen Lost in Translation, you’ll probably remember the iconic scene in which Scarlett Johannsson dons a bright pink candyfloss wig. This fun shade is reminiscent of that, but it has a grungy edge, because Kendall has left those dark roots showing. It’s a good example of the way that light and dark tones can be quite striking. And, it reminds us of the fact that sometimes perfection isn’t the only way to do things. You can step out the door with unwashed hair and dodgy roots and still look amazing; it’s all about having confidence in your personal brand of style.

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