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Steal her style- Keira Knightly


From Bend, it Like Beckham to Pirates of the Caribbean Keira knightly is a household name. She has been in countless films and is going to be hitting London soon. She has just finished her latest film Colette and it is going to make its London premiere next month at the BFI film festival. Not only that but she is going to be speaking to us about film and life in general. She is an indie lover and had a very edgy boho look in real life but on screen, she always looks glamorous, no matter what century her characters are from. Let’s check out some of her styles so we can steal her style and don’t forget to #wearcliphair when you try these styles for yourself.



Uptown Androgyny
Androgyny can be used in such a bad way and I think it is an absolute shame. Within fashion, it is definitely used as a concept to push both male and female fashion. It isn’t just traditional girly fashion trends that are beautiful and strong. This is a tux-inspired look that has used the wet look hairstyle and an ultra-deep side part to turn it high fashion. A bright lipstick and you are ready to hit the town and get some killer compliments.


Vintage vibes
We all know that Keira has played women from nearly every decade and this style looks like it could fit perfectly into Atonement. Bright lips, golden gloves and heated tools are musts for this style. It may take a bit of time and a lot of hairsprays but this style is definitely worth it. Be extra careful when curling as you may need to start higher up than a lot of other styles. If I am going to create a faux bob like Keira has here I will always create tighter curls at the ends. This makes them so much easier to pin up and conceal. You could wear this anytime to make yourself feel great but if you want to really wow, pair it with a nice dress next time you have something fancy you need to go to.


The simple side braid
So many people underestimate the side braid, but I think it is great. It will literally work in any situation and with any style of hair. If you have layered hair you can either add some wax at the end to flatten stray strands or work with it by pinching your braid and making it look more textured. I don’t mind braids of any length but longer is better for the evening in general, it turns the vibe from cute into sophisticated. The worst thing with braid, particularly if it is tight, is to have a lifeless thin one. It makes your hair look unhealthy and you want this to be the cherry on the cake, not the element that lets your whole outfit down. A cool trick is to add a few hair extension pieces to the base of your neck. They are perfectly concealed there and it helps you create a beautiful full braid to die for.


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