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Steal Her Style – Kate Middleton

It barely feels like any time at all since Princess Kate stepped out from behind those hospital doors with baby George in her hands, but we’re already on tenterhooks waiting for the second royal addition to arrive. With news that Kate (now overdue) has retired to the Lindo Wing to prepare for the start of labour, the country is once again focused on the monarchy.

It just so happens that there’s a general election next week as well, so the people of Great Britain are in for an extremely exciting month. Yet, the question on all of our minds (and the one that we feel guilty for being more interested in than Ed Miliband meeting Russell Brand) is whether our Princess will sashay out of the hospital looking as utterly fabulous as she did the first time?

Follow this ClipHair guide to Princess Kate and her most fabulous and fantastic hair based looks, as well as a few tips on how to steal them for yourself.

The Stately Updo

At one of her last public appearances, before retiring to the Lindo Wing, Kate Middleton sported a beautifully coiffured updo. This was at an event in London to commemorate troops in Afghanistan, and the Princess looked noticeably tired, but still impeccably put together. It’s actually rather rare to spot her wearing her tresses pulled away from her face, but the style suited her and made full advantage of some spectacular sapphire earrings.

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The Bouncy Beautiful

This is the look that we know and love from Princess Kate, and it’s perfectly matched with her soft features and lively eyes. In summer 2014, she appeared at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, and her locks were as bouncy and beautiful as ever. She is known for having hair that always looks super healthy and shiny, and this occasion was no exception. If you have slightly shorter hair, and wait to steal her style, your best bet is to pick up a clip in extension piece from ClipHair, in a wonderfully warm shade of chestnut brown.

The Simple Royal

We love Kate because she always looks so elegant, and manages to avoid the temptation to go overboard with her makeup and hair. It works too, because the simpler the style, the lovelier she seems to look. This half up half down ‘do is pretty basic really, but it frames her face in a delicate way, and gives her look a little personality, without going too far. We have to remember that as a royal, she probably has to adhere to a lot of rules about what to wear and how to look in public.

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The Just Birthed

In many ways, even more remarkable than the first glimpse of the baby Prince, was how radiant Kate Middleton looked just days after giving birth. In July 2013, she left the Lindo Wing with baby George in her arms, a beautiful summer dress, and a bang-on-trend ombre look. This style is still all the rage, even close to two years later, and you can steal it for yourself with some clip in highlights from ClipHair. For the perfect two tone look, affix them beneath your natural locks, and then use fingertips to blend.

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