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Steal Her Style – Kate Bosworth

Making it to the top has not been easy for actress Kate Bosworth. For a long time, she was better known as ‘the girl who dated Orlando Bloom.’ In fact, she recently opened up about the relationship in a magazine interview. Bosworth discussed the perils of stepping out with somebody a lot more famous than her and called the whole thing ‘very scary.’ Fortunately, the star is now a lot more comfortable with being in the limelight and is excited to show the world her new TV series, The Art of More 2.

Kate Bosworth has a very diverse and varied resume under her belt. You may have caught her in Blue Crush, Beyond the Sea, Wonderland, Superman Returns, or Still Alice; the Oscar nominated movie about a woman diagnosed with dementia, gaining critical praise for her performance. While she may not be an instantly recognisable name yet, this talented beauty is a delight on screen and she’s currently making waves as a model and brand ambassador.

It isn’t difficult to see why either, when you look at her flawless fashion choices and never less than perfect hair. Let’s take closer look and see if we can steal some of her finest styles.


The Fifties Beehive

This dreamy retro beehive is something rather special indeed. While it’s not easy to create, for a party or a glamorous event, there is nothing better. Plus, the more length that you have (hello hair extensions), the bigger you can make it. The trick is in the tuck, as they say, because you’ve got to master the art of sweeping both sides of your hair into a neat seam at the back of your head. This is secured with a clear grip or slide, after the ends have been tucked neatly underneath. This is a really great style when wearing clip in extensions, as although it may be fiddly, it hides the attachments in effortless fashion.

A photo posted by Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) on

The Heatwave Hippie

If all of that sounds like far too much work for you, take a look at this down to earth, low maintenance look. This is a style that really suits Kate Bosworth, because she has quite delicate features and fairly pale skin. The centre parting and soft, gentle waves give her hair definition and add a cute ‘boho’ vibe. If you want to grab this one for yourself, focus on creating texture. You don’t want big, defined curls; the aim is to introduce a slight bounciness, so your hair doesn’t feel drab or uninspired. Use a texturising spray and use your palms to gently ‘scrunch’ the waves into your hair.

A photo posted by Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) on


The Out of This World ‘Do

Bosworth titled this snap ‘the astronaut fashionier,’ on account of her super cool metallic jacket and space age hair accessory. We love this look, primarily because it is so easy to create. All that her stylist has done is straighten her locks to perfection and brought them backwards into a quirky clip. This is an effective way to show off long clip in hair extensions, as the eye is automatically drawn to that shiny accessory. The trick is to wear it quite low down, so the front of your locks gets some swing and body. They’ll hang forward a little and frame your face, but will still stay neat and tidy all evening if you clip them back properly.

A photo posted by Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) on

The Teeny Tiny Chignon

In this snap of Bosworth on the red carpet with lover, Michael Polish, you can see that the actress is sporting a tight and rather glamorous chignon. It works because the rest of her hair is really slick and flawless. So, you’ll need plenty of gel or strong hold hairspray for this one to get that shine going. Don’t forget to curl the ends up tight and tuck them underneath the chignon for a neat look. You could even add a sparkly clip or slide for extra interest and a touch of red carpet sophistication.

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