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Steal Her Style – Kaley Cuoco Sweeting

In June 2014, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting got a haircut. Now, this is a thing that happens all of the time, celebrities are always experimenting with new looks. It just so happens that Sweeting is one of the most scrutinised, admired and desired women on the planet – primarily for her role as Penny, on The Big Bang Theory.

In the wake of a dramatic pixie cut, fans took to Twitter and Facebook in their droves to complain about her new look. There were some who worried about whether or not it could be adequately written into the show – especially with a wedding to Leonard on the cards – and there were others who were convinced it spelled the end for Super Hot Penny.

At ClipHair, we believe that every woman should have the freedom to experiment with her tresses, whether they are international superstars or just giggly girls playing with coloured hair dye at home. It is an expression of who you are, of how you want the world to see you, and it is an important part of growing up and growing bolder.

To celebrate the new series of The Big Bang Theory, and the actually rather sultry pixie cut now rocked by Mrs Sweeting, here is a guide to her best hairstyles.

The Girl Next Door

As the beautiful, but down to earth girl next door in the first series of The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco sported a suitably down to earth look. It was one which sent male fans wild, however, and it was not long before she was one of the most envied and admired actresses on television. This sweet hairstyle is ideal for early Penny – the chunky, side swept bangs give it the edge that it needs to avoid being boring, as it a fairly simple, uniform cut. To steal this style, pick up an 18 or 20 inch clip in extension piece, in a shade like ash blonde, and inject a little personality with a blunt cut fringe.

down to earth look down to earth look2

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The Blonde Bombshell 

As the show progressed, and we saw Penny get to know her lovably inept companions a little better, we also saw her look relax a little. The sleek and straight locks went out the window, in favour of a more chilled set of gentle waves and curls. Her hair seemed to get a little lighter too – Cuoco was snapped at various red carpet events sporting a super feminine bleach blonde style, complete with honey coloured highlights and soft waves. For a girl like Kaley, with quite a round face, this style is perfect, because it maintains a lot of volume at the crown.

sleek and straight locks gentle waves and curls

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The Elegant Topknot

The topknot is a favourite hairstyle for this actress, again primarily because of her round face. For women with round faces, the best styles tend to be ones which draw attention to one part of it, rather than framing the whole of it. As such, topknots can be very useful, because they focus attention on the top of the head, making the face look longer and sleeker. This topknot is both extremely elegant and quite simple, two characteristics that we have come to expect from Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. If you want to imitate it, make sure that your bun sits right on the top of your head, and stays secure with clear pins or slides.

topknot elegant and quite simple topknot

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The So Called Lob

Just before going for the full chop, Cuoco debuted what is often referred to as the ‘lob,’ or the long bob. The cut ended just below her chin, so was in itself quite a dramatic change, but fans of The Big Bang Theory seemed to like it. It framed her face, without being too heavy, as the cut thickened out towards the bottom and balanced out its roundness. This is a fun and flirty hairstyle, perfect for both carefree afternoons at the beach, and girly nights out on the town. It is fresh, funky and easy to imitate – just twist your locks into loose plaits or braids before bed, and wear them until the morning. You should wake up with gentle, relaxed curls that look even better after a quick spritz of holding spray.

the long bob fun and flirty hairstyle

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The Dramatic Pixie Cut

We couldn’t talk about the finest hairstyles rocked by Kaley Cuoco Sweeting without mentioning the one which sent shockwaves across the world. We have great sympathy for the actress here at ClipHair, because it must be extremely difficult not to be able to make this kind of decision without first thinking about how it will affect millions of strangers around the globe. We think that her bold new pixie cut is both sophisticated and super grown up, a necessary departure from her days as the fresh faced blonde who lives next door. With her marriage to Leonard just around the corner, does it not make sense that Penny would change, would continue to change and develop – just like anybody else?

pixie cut pixie cut 2

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